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  • Cabo Sardão, Portugal

    written by photohuggers on 2010-08-06 #places
    Cabo Sardão, Portugal

    Cabo Sardão, is an astonishing cape over Atlantic Ocean in southern Portugal. It will leave you dazzled with its amazing cliff views, as well as several arms of steep and crested land rock stretch over the sea, on which the blue waves clash with explosions of white foam.

  • Cabo Espichel (Sesimbra, Portugal)

    written by photohuggers on 2010-06-11 #places
    Cabo Espichel (Sesimbra, Portugal)

    Cabo Espichel is a cape near Sesimbra with breathtaking views of its cliffs and a sanctuary with an unique story. Besides that there are Jurassic dinosaur trackways, a lighthouse and some abandoned facilities.

  • Cape Point: A Place of Great Hopes

    written by neja on 2012-09-03 #places
    Cape Point: A Place of Great Hopes

    A place which makes you dream. Cape Point is the meeting point between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. I have been there three times already and each time it's been completely different.

  • Cape Farewell, New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-18 #places
    Cape Farewell, New Zealand

    Cape Farewell is the most northern point of New Zealand's south island, located in the Golden Bay. It's one of the most romantic spots that I've seen in NZ, and you can walk around here for hours amidst a beautiful landscape made of wide sand beaches and mountains.

  • Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-19 #places
    Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

    Coming close to the end of our round trip of New Zealand's south island, the last part of our travel took place in the Marlborough Sounds, between the cities of Nelson and Picton. Another inspiring destination with picture-perfect views.

  • Australia Day: Stopover at Melbourne

    written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2013-02-12 #places
    Australia Day: Stopover at Melbourne

    Australia Day is celebrated nation-wide on January 26th and commemorates the day the first fleet arrived in Sydney Cove, claiming Australia under British rule. On this day, you'll see a lot of green and gold and more southern-crosses than you will be able to count. This is my story about how my Australia Day was almost canceled last year.

  • Simonstown: Where the Penguins Play

    written by nicx on 2011-12-21 #places
    Simonstown: Where the Penguins Play

    If you are wandering around the cape peninsula, make sure that you stop and take a look at our penguin Colony down at Boulders Beach. Many people don’t realise it but Capetown is home to the jackass penguin, at about 40cm high, these little guys are too cute to miss.