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  • Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Southernmost Illinois - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #12

    written by dirklancer on 2009-10-30 #places
    Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Southernmost Illinois - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #12

    By now you know my story: July 2009, 8000 km road trip, 3 generations, 1 van. Crazy? Yes. Lomographically limited? In no way whatsoever! I took along 10 cameras and 40 rolls of film. We passed through 10 American states and 3 Canadian provinces, and 4 of Southernmost Illinois' wineries...

  • Nabygelegen Vineyard, South Africa

    written by neja on 2012-07-06 #places
    Nabygelegen Vineyard, South Africa

    Nabygelegen vineyard - wine at its best. One of the reasons we traveled to Wellington vineyards was that my friends wanted to visit one vineyard in particular - the Nabygelegen.

  • Placerville Wineries, California

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-02-03 #places
    Placerville Wineries, California

    In the fall of 2008, my family and I decided to visit two wineries in Placerville, CA. These two wineries offered a wonderful experience for everyone. They were both very accommodating, served fantastic wines, and offered beautiful surrounding views. The first winery we visited was the Boeger Winery. It was the bigger and older of the two that we visited. It had a big old building on the grounds which used to be where they processed and bottled the wines, but now it used as one their two small tasting rooms.

  • Santa Barbara

    written by mattdude1081 on 2008-09-06 #places
    Santa Barbara

    If you want to take a break from the smoggy, bustling city, Santa Barbara is where you need to be. It's no Hawaii, but it's a nice and atmospheric change from your usual life. Whatever you want to do, it's in your reach. Whether it be camping, surfing, shopping, wine tasting, or just plain roaming, it's all here. Just don't try to do everything in one day. I tried, its impossible.