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  • Turn On Your Lights

    written by reiga on 2013-02-14 #gear #tutorials
    Turn On Your Lights

    Crazy, Imaginative, Cutting Edge and FREEDOM! I choose those words to describe LIGHT PAINTING! Every photographer would like have extraordinary, genuine photos. Light Painting is an autonomous space in the photography world, offering and challenging every photographers to express her or himself with what so called Lights. And i would like share my experiences with LIGHT PAINTING!

  • The Drama Queen: Lucky New SHD 100 B/W

    written by reiga on 2011-06-10 #gear
    The Drama Queen: Lucky New SHD 100 B/W

    For me, there is a difference between color negative and B/W when it comes to taking a portrait or some scenes that that you feel has 'something' in it. This B/W film will give you a dramatic effect.

  • Another View with the Tunnelvision Lens

    written by reiga on 2012-10-10 #gear #tutorials
    Another View with the Tunnelvision Lens

    Usually what you get from the Tunnelvision Lens is a blur effect on the edge, like stretched and focus on the middle, or you could do a macro shot. Yes that's the usual view from this lens, but there is another view. It is shadowy, mystic, surreal, when I see these pictures. It's like multiple exposure, but when you pay attention it's not like two frames merging into one frame. Yes this is another view that you could get with tunnelview lens from lomography.

  • Rollei Nightbird Redscale 800: You Shocked Me All Night Long!

    written by reiga on 2011-07-08 #gear
    Rollei Nightbird Redscale 800: You Shocked Me All Night Long!

    To called this film a redscale is maybe a little bit inappropriate. Since this film has an unexpected wide range of colors, it will definitely give you shock therapy. I am aware there are some films that have similar capability like Nightbird. But, again you will be shocked with the results.

  • Photo of the Day by reiga

    written by cheeo on 2014-08-15 #news
    Photo of the Day by reiga

    The strong elements and colors that make up this exquisite portrait by reiga truly make this the perfect Photo of the Day!

  • Kodak Ultramax 400

    written by reiga on 2011-06-16 #gear
    Kodak Ultramax 400

    Sometimes we get confused on what film to use for a new analog camera. At least you need a safety type of film for your first attempt, due to adaptation and learning process of a new camera. For me, the first attempt should be done for trial and error process. Kodak Ultra Max 400 gave me that "safety" thing, when I shot with Sprocket Rocket.