A walk to Halde Haniel

This is a coal mine dump, part of the 'Route der Industriekultur' (route of industrial culture) ... quite a walk uphill, but worth the effort. It was a great hazy-sunny weather with fantastic light.


  1. magmango
    magmango ·

    Thats a great shots! I wonder what those are..

  2. moodification
    moodification ·

    @magmango: These are sleepers of old railway tracks. They put them up on that old coal mine dump and painted them in different colors. Looks beautiful! You can see more details on the other shots of the album.

  3. magmango
    magmango ·

    thanks for replying! they are indeed so beautiful! I must take a visit to that place!

  4. borg_koenigin
    borg_koenigin ·


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