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  • Auckland Eateries: An Introduction

    written by amytam on 2012-10-12 #places
    Auckland Eateries: An Introduction

    Being an Aucklander for 20 years, I have to admit I'm rather biased when it comes to praising what Auckland has to offer. I've travelled to many places around the world but there is nothing quite like returning home after an exotic trip and induldging in the many amazing eateries in Auckland.

  • Yummy Dumaguete Breakfast Treats

    written by lakandula on 2011-09-02 #places
    Yummy Dumaguete Breakfast Treats

    A tour of Dumaguete will never be complete without a morning fill of sticky rice and ripe mango paired with native hot chocolate. Where else can this divine breakfast be best available in the city except at the eateries in a public market.