Behind The Rows

The local #cornfields are now in full effect and the sun was shining. So it seemed like a good time to break out a fast lens and test some of the new Lomography #Fantôme #Kino film that arrived recently. Knowing that the light would be harsh, and that the film is "quite" contrasty, I threw a reflector in to the bag along with my #lightmeter and #Canon7s (with the 50 f1.4 attached) The corn is easily above head-height and the back-lit leaves look great, so I figured they'd make a good setting for some test #portraits. The #reflector was indeed useful and we bounced some fill light to reduce the contrast on Lauren's face. We also figured out that the diffuser part of the 5-in-1 reflector makes for a great shadow screen ;) As a test roll; Lomography Fantôme Kino is wild! Even the processed film is like nothing I've ever seen. The clear film base really shows how much #contrast you will get when the images are scanned (printed too I assume) Normally, I bump up the contrast in my images to get to a look I like, not with this stuff! Apart from a little dust spotting the only images I had to work in any way were those where the lens had flared in the sun. Any other adjustments were minor highlight and shadow stuff (ie: the sort of work you'd do in a split grade print ;) So yes, I'm impressed, #ISO8 is a challenge to get your head around at first, but using the usual tricks for shooting in hard light get you images that stand out on screen as well on the fresh negatives :)

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