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  • Self-Portraits as a State of Mind

    written by amor44 on 2011-03-02 #gear #tutorials
    Self-Portraits as a State of Mind

    In order to snap a natural-looking, candid shot, it helps if your subject is either: (a) unaware you are taking a picture, or (b) very comfortable with you as a photographer. Well, both of these criteria are non-existent when you're taking self-portraits and realize you feel: self-conscious, awkward, and a little too narcissistic or self-indulgent taking pictures of yourself. Here are my quick tips to avoiding stiff, overly-posed pictures.

  • Bring It On, LomoMatrix Singapore!

    written by lomographysg on 2012-08-15 #news #videos
    Bring It On, LomoMatrix Singapore!

    It's here! It's FINALLY here! You’ve seen the 2 teaser trailers and waited 3 whole months for this – the video to May I LomoMatrix with You, Singapore!!! The wait has been arduous and lest you get even more anxious, get ready have your minds blown as we present to you this time-stopping beauty!