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Tag: sonar

  • Polaroid SX-70 SONAR AutoFocus– Batman`s instant fun

    written by lomodirk on 2009-01-28 #gear
    Polaroid SX-70 SONAR AutoFocus– Batman`s instant fun

    As a kid I had a Polaroid 1000 TKKG Edition, I don`t know who gave it to me, but the fact, to see the picture immediately was for me a god given thing. But I remember my father as well who always tried to teach me that those SX-70 films are really expensive. So it happened after a while that my beloved Polaroid has to find a place in the storage rack.

  • Barcelona: Sónar Festival

    written by megustastu on 2010-09-02 #places
    Barcelona: Sónar Festival

    The festival of advanced music and multimedia art Sónar is held in mid-June in Barcelona. You will find established artists of electronic music like Orbital, Jeff Mills and Carl Craig along with other proposals lesser known but much more interesting to me. Although electronic music has a lot of weight on this festival, there is variety of proposals, ranging from the pop-rock to classical music or traditional.

  • My Week In Film: December 1st-7th, 2014

    written by alienmeatsack on 2014-12-08
    My Week In Film: December 1st-7th, 2014

    December brings with it Winter, the end of the year and the last chances to get those photographs taken that you wanted to do the rest of the year. I decided to kick off December with a slew of photography adventures and a few camera purchases.

  • Verano! Sonar Festival 2014, Barcelona

    written by mr_fish on 2014-06-24
    Verano! Sonar Festival 2014, Barcelona

    Summer is about to begin, and Barcelona has just launched the hottest season of the year with a sonic boom - a three-day and -night festival of booming music, velvet curtains, and sweaty bodies. An event where more than 100,000 sun-burnt souls find relief for their bass addiction.