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  • Please don´t do this!

    written by kribbzor on 2011-05-21 #gear #tutorials
    Please don´t do this!

    Why did i start this? I thought it would be cool, but yeah.. Well, why did i do it? Why the hell did i start to draw with CD marker on my negatives? I did it to some bad pictures (those blurry, under/over-exposed), and suddenly I did it to a good pic.

  • My 2012 in Analogue: A Never-Ending Experience!

    written by alessandropaso on 2012-12-26
    My 2012 in Analogue: A Never-Ending Experience!

    This year is about to end and a brand new year full of lomographs is getting closer! Let's look back at 2012 together with a quick bunch of pics some cool moments which put a mark on this passed year. It does not matter if they are nice or failed!