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  • Pontevedra: the Best Kept Secret in Galicia

    written by basho on 2011-02-07 #places
    Pontevedra: the Best Kept Secret in Galicia

    Okay, I’ll admit that small provincial towns are bourgeois, small-minded, and oppressive. And my hometown Pontevedra is, of course, no exception...or is it?

  • Beautiful Porto

    written by basho on 2011-02-12 #places
    Beautiful Porto

    Porto is an exciting city with a vibrant arty scene and lots of things to do and see. Take a look through my eyes and fall in love with it.

  • Mourisca Beach in Bueu

    written by basho on 2011-02-06 #places
    Mourisca Beach in Bueu

    Mourisca Beach in Bueu, Pontevedra (Spain) is probably the best kept secret in the Rias Baixas. Not even during the hottest days of summer does this beach gets swarmed by people. The water here is clean and full of life and in the late afternoon, you can watch fishermen as they set off on their daily task, followed by seagulls and ignoring the competence from a couple of cormorants.

  • Sunny Flower Fields

    written by beckyinlondon on 2011-02-06 #places
    Sunny Flower Fields

    A field of 6-feet yellow sunflowers with buzzing bees in Birchington, Kent. This place is a hidden gem over the summer months, tucked away behind the high street and opposite the entrance to Quex Park. I was driving to my Grandad’s, down Manston Road one day and there they were! I haven't been here for a while so it was as if the usual cabbages had magically transformed into huge sunflowers.

  • White Skies & Grey Seas

    written by beckyinlondon on 2011-02-08 #places
    White Skies & Grey Seas

    It's a cold and windy Sunday morning-post booze binge, me and my sister have set off for a hangover curing walk around the cliff tops of Viking Bay.