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  • A New Experience with Qrro's LomoDiary

    written by mayeemayee on 2013-05-03
    A New Experience with Qrro's LomoDiary

    We take our film cameras with us mainly because we want to freeze memories and develop them into pictures. That's normal and done especially with the mundane activities we have in life.

  • Just Another LomoArch: Qrro

    written by -alia- on 2012-02-29
    Just Another LomoArch: Qrro

    He is a lomographer that fell with body and soul in this lomoworld, a Latin boy spreading sympathy throughout the community. He has a passion that follows him everywhere and helps him with a memory problem. I’m pleased to introduce you our next LomoArch: qrro!

  • Lomographer for a Day: Andrea S

    written by qrro on 2013-05-04
    Lomographer for a Day: Andrea S

    I know Andrea from work! She studies architecture and she is very curious about everything. So one day, she asked me about that plastic camera, and I decided she could be a nice lomographer. I lent her my LC-A+ loaded with a Fuji Provia 400X so she could easily handle any light situation.