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  • Capture the Illusion of Night

    written by hodachrome on 2013-02-07 #gear #tutorials
    Capture the Illusion of Night

    Long exposure is among the more popular techniques used to capture light, and it can be done so easily and beautifully to capture the illusion of night. There's a wide spectrum of lighting to be found on a street, highway, in a tunnel, factory, during a sunset, and even a heavily lit Christmas scene. So go ahead and capture it! Sound hard? It's actually quite simple really! As long as you know what to prepare, you'll be able to capture extremely cool long exposure shots!

  • Film Director David Slade Proves to Be an Analogue Genius!

    written by mmoya on 2012-03-23 #people
    Film Director David Slade Proves to Be an Analogue Genius!

    If you don’t immediately recognize his name, you should be sorry. Especially if you’re a Twilight fan. He was behind the camera during the Eclipse production, and now, behind yet another camera (one of ours!), he captures a tale for us to enjoy.

  • Goa's Sunset Silhouettes...

    written by jimjimm on 2012-11-01 #places
    Goa's Sunset Silhouettes...

    Goa's touristy appeal is popular the world over - its beaches, cuisine, the slow pace of life, the unique architecture...all these combine to create a most enjoyable experience and not far behind, are its everyday sunset stories...

  • Natural Mystic

    written by rachelbussieres on 2012-06-18 #places
    Natural Mystic

    On a foggy day, in the Fort Ross area where the Russian River meets the mouth of the ocean, I've been wandering around with my husband and my analog camera. How fog influences our perspective on life? How does it effect the light?

  • Spring Fling Series 6: Sunset Seeking

    written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2012-04-06 #places
    Spring Fling Series 6: Sunset Seeking

    The day is turning into night and you're running out of time to find something romantic to do with your loved one. How about this for a date idea - sitting at the end of a jetty, watching the bright spring sunset go hiding over the hills. If you happen to be visiting a small town in the New South Wales Central Coast named "Long Jetty", you'll be able to do just that!