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  • Cross Processing Color Guide

    written by singleelderly on 2012-05-25
    Cross Processing Color Guide

    Every cross processed slide films have different color shifts. In order to use them flexibly, why don't we have a color palette?

  • Review: Fuji Velvia 100F

    written by shuttersentinel17 on 2011-10-11 #gear
    Review: Fuji Velvia 100F

    Under the right condition, this slide film sure is one heck of a crazy film to cross process!

  • Watching the Sunrise from Mount Tapioi

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-19 #places
    Watching the Sunrise from Mount Tapioi

    Who doesn't loves to see the sunrise? And what if you could admire this everyday magical moment from the top of a 300m high mountain and have a amazing view over Raiatea, Taha'a and even Bora-Bora and Huahine Islands? Would you like it? Well, come with me, I'll show you that! :)

  • First Impressions: Velvety Velvia 100F

    written by denisesanjose on 2013-03-13 #gear
    First Impressions: Velvety Velvia 100F

    On a trip to twin crater lakes in Laguna, I decided to try Fuji Velvia slide film for the first time. Imagine my delight when I got the roll back from the lab and saw how rich the colours in my photos were! From plush purples to rad reds, the images boast of strong contrasts as well as smooth tones.

  • FGS Dong Zen Temple

    written by jhen89 on 2009-08-01 #places
    FGS Dong Zen Temple

    Ever since the FGS Dong Zen (whose roots in Taiwan) temple completed its construction in Jenjarom, Kuala Langat, it has became a famous hotspot for both tourists and local Malaysians during Chinese festive seasons.

  • Kepong Metropolitan Park, Kuala Lumpur

    written by jhen89 on 2009-08-10 #places
    Kepong Metropolitan Park, Kuala Lumpur

    Kepong Metropolitan Park, a paradise for all Kite Enthusiast, and lomographers I say.

  • Portland Classical Chinese Garden

    written by the_fstops_here on 2008-09-30 #places
    Portland Classical Chinese Garden

    The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is an amazing place to take the time to literally “smell the roses” or in this case the jasmine. The scent of sweet jasmine is all around in the totally Zen garden right in the midst of downtown Portland, Oregon.

  • The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

    written by jhen89 on 2009-08-10 #places
    The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

    The first purpose-built UK university campus in a foreign country. The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

  • Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park

    written by jhen89 on 2009-08-27 #places
    Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park

    Genting, the city of excitement. Aside from its chilling weather, you can also enjoy go-karting, boating, bump car rides and maybe have a date in the Ferris wheel. A nice place to relax, and maybe do weekend shoots.

  • Alubihod, Philippines

    written by ethermoon on 2009-01-09 #places
    Alubihod, Philippines

    We all love beach, don't we? We all bask ourselves under the heat of the sun every summer! But what about during the Christmas Holidays?!

  • Old Walled City

    written by anton_matic on 2008-12-03 #places
    Old Walled City

    Intramuros, located along the southern bank of the Pasig River, was built by the Spaniards in the 16th century and is the oldest district of the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Its name, in Spanish, Intramuros, literally "within the walls", meaning within the wall enclosure of the city/fortress, also describes its structure as it is surrounded by thick, high walls and moats. During the Spanish colonial period, Intramuros was considered Manila itself.

  • Baywalk-ing

    written by anton_matic on 2008-12-02 #places

    I present to you Baywalk, in Roxas blvd. One of the best places to take a rest, shoot pictures, or just to sit and wait for the sunset after a hard day at the office. It is also a place where you can see soon to be married couples having their pre-nup pics taken. Being in baywalk is like having the best of both worlds.