KwanYin Portrait #guan #yin #guan #Yim

#KwanYin #kuan yin miniature statue. Kodak 2388 shot at ISO 20. Nikon F4s with Nikkor 35-105mm close (macro) zoom or Jupiter 8 50mm f/2 LTM adapted for macro use. Developed in Lowe’s Glycin-Carbonate concentrated developer – 7.5 grams Sodium Sulfite, 7.5 grams Glycin, 30 grams Sodium Carbonate in 1 liter of water. Working solution here is 1:10 (40ml in 400ml water). Stand developed for 2 hours, water stop/wash for 5 minutes, Ilford Hypam rapid fix 1:4 for 5 minutes continuous agitation.

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