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  • The Sanur Kite Festival 2009

    written by adi_totp on 2009-10-10 #places
    The Sanur Kite Festival 2009

    I was on my 5 days holiday in Bali. It's been a blaaaaasssst! oh well.. on Saturday 15 August 2009, my lomo bali friend ask me to join them to go to the Sanur Village Festival. After agreeing, we went there and suddenly I see these giant kites flying on the beach."WOOOOOOW" was the first reaction and then quickly I began to shoot with my LC-A+ RL, Fisheye No.2 and Supersampler. You all know what its like be excited right? to see those big colorful kites and bring your all time favorite Lomo camera :)

  • Rheinpark Duisburg

    written by m_ii_ya on 2009-09-02 #places
    Rheinpark Duisburg

    The Rheinpark in Duisburg is a quite new created park near the Rhein. Its opening was in May this year with a big party and a lot of good music. It’s positioned between the two quarters Hochfeld and Wanheimerort. There are already a lot of reasons to go there but the park isn't finished yet. There are plans to double the size of the park.

  • Pantai Cahaya Bulan

    written by weechonghooi on 2008-11-18 #places
    Pantai Cahaya Bulan

    It's a memorable location here in Pantai Cahaya Bulan or as so called PCB, 10 km South from Kota Bharu centre, which I reckon it's not far from town for driving, probably takes around 15 minutes, because the road is quite narrow.

  • Fun Under the Sun: On The Beach With My New Olympus OM-10

    written by virtualflyer on 2013-08-11
    Fun Under the Sun: On The Beach With My New Olympus OM-10

    Here I am, trying my new Olympus OM-10 at the seaside to see what it could yield and I even had a surprise... Let's see after the jump!

  • PIcture This: The Freedom of Flying

    written by virtualflyer on 2013-08-06
    PIcture This: The Freedom of Flying

    I've always loved flying, because in my opinion it's also a symbol of freedom. It's something that we've always tried to do from Leonardo da Vinci's time, and it's something that we will never be able to do on our own, but it still embodies the complete freedom of movement.