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  • Kodak Portra 160VC - an elegant colorfilm

    written by daforl on 2011-04-20 #gear
    Kodak Portra 160VC - an elegant colorfilm

    All of us lomographers do like and love slide film. But often we forget that out there are other films. They are called color negative film and one of them is from Kodak with the name Portra 160VC. A great film that deserves a little review.

  • Nørreport Station

    written by eggzakly on 2009-06-13 #places
    Nørreport Station

    Nørreport Station is in the center of Copenhagen and fully subterranean. It has three platforms: Metro, S-trains (greater Copenhagen metropolitan area), and regional- and InterCity trains (throughout the country). It's the busiest station in Denmark - approximately 300000 people travel through every day. Currently, it's the only station that connects to both the Metro and regional train networks.

  • Warfaaz Lake and a Castle in my Head

    written by yun on 2010-02-17 #places
    Warfaaz Lake and a Castle in my Head

    A little lake in one of the most beautiful city of Belgium. Spa is also called water city because there's a lot of water sources. Take few minutes for coming in Belgium with your screen...