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  • All Wired Up Gallery

    written by cruzron on 2010-08-24
    All Wired Up Gallery

    You might be scared of them, as they usually look ominous with all of the crows perched atop. They might remind you of your childhood too, riding out in a cross country journey with nothing to do but count them as you pass by. Here's our little ode to telephone poles and wires!

  • Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea

    written by shooooter on 2011-05-26 #places
    Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea

    There are electric poles that are built on the sea at Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture which makes for a very eccentric scenery.

  • Pole Dancing in London

    written by wil6ka on 2008-08-06 #places
    Pole Dancing in London

    Quite amazing, sliding up and down a post is a major fitness trend in Australia, UK and the US. Despite the fact, that the girls doing it with clothes on and not in a night club, the whole thing is still very sexy. But that is the idea: Bringing fitness and fun together.

  • Soviet Landmark (Vilnius)

    written by jelga on 2008-10-14 #places
    Soviet Landmark (Vilnius)

    Vilnius city center is characterized above all by baroque, Gothic and renaissance constructions so I was really surprised when, from a hill, I saw an impressive soviet looking building standing like a huge vessel on the other side of the river Neris.