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  • Meet Our Travelling LomoAmigo bravebird!

    written by zonderbar on 2013-01-21 #people
    Meet Our Travelling LomoAmigo bravebird!

    How about a destination far away this time? Brazil, Australia, India, Japan... Our peripatetic LomoAmigo of the month knows them all! Find out more about the German, click through her amazing pictures from all over the world and read about her tips for your next vacation.

  • Foamlabbers as LomoAmigos #4: Liset

    written by mrmaart on 2012-01-04 #people
    Foamlabbers as LomoAmigos #4: Liset

    Seven young photography fans in one creative team - meet our newest Amigo from the Foam Lab. You know Rosa, Erik and Eelke already, so here is foam labber #4 - Liset van der Laan!

  • LomoAmigo Novemberkind Discovers the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

    written by zonderbar on 2013-07-19 #people
    LomoAmigo Novemberkind Discovers the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

    Just two months ago we asked Larissa Honsek, better known as Novemberkind, five questions about analogue photography and learned more about her pinhole passion. Now we are welcoming her as our latest LomoAmigo! She tested the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and the Diana Instant Back+.for us. Her images and impressions of dealing with the camera can be found in the following interview.

  • LomoAmigo trahspilotin

    written by zonderbar on 2013-01-11 #people
    LomoAmigo trahspilotin

    Trustworthy contributor of the online magazine and supervisor of the rubric "Analogue Lifestyle" of the German Lomography magazine -- trashpilotin has made her mark. We are more than thankful for her active support! But she's more than just a writer. As experienced lomographer, trashpilotin's got more to show: she's able to convince bands like Fanta4 of the Spinner 360°... which was quite impressive to us! We want to introduce you to our top lomographer of November, Sonja aka trashpilotin.

  • LomoAmiga Stefanie Ringes films with LomoKino

    written by lomographyembassyspain on 2014-03-12 #videos #people
    LomoAmiga Stefanie Ringes films with LomoKino

    Music is evocative in itself. To further enjoy the magic a musical experience, we are honoured to introduce La Flamme’s videoclip for the titular single of its album, ‘La Magia está en ti’ (The Magic is inside of you). It’s a collection of images that not only works as a promotional piece, but also as a guide to one's emotions. And if that wasn't remarkable enough, some of the images have been filmed with our very own LomoKino!