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  • Lubitel 166+

    written by beni on 2011-02-20 #gear
    Lubitel 166+

    This camera, its design and possibilities are enormous. As a reflex camera can have a clear idea of what you're photographing, focus and shoot. Its wide range of speeds and aperture openings allows you to take pictures in all situations. They are also formats: square, rectangular and 35mm can also be used ... is a lovely camera!.

  • Sprocket Rocket Rocks!

    written by -dakota- on 2013-10-08 #gear
    Sprocket Rocket Rocks!

    The Sprocket Rocket is the lightest panoramic camera ever! See more of my rocking adventures with the Rocket after the jump.

  • Phnom Penh's Bold Royal Palace

    written by tiro8 on 2010-09-28 #places
    Phnom Penh's Bold Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is nowhere near as ancient as the temples of Angkor or even the medieval castles of Europe; but it's bold colors, shapes and decor give it an attraction all it's own...especially if you've got a camera!