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  • Izakaya (Japanese-Style Food Bar) in Asakusa

    written by orangebird on 2009-07-01 #places
    Izakaya (Japanese-Style Food Bar) in Asakusa

    Orangebird takes us to an interesting journey at a traditional Food Bar called Izakaya in Asakusa Prefecture in Japan.

  • Izakaya Kenka

    written by xbalboax on 2009-08-28 #places
    Izakaya Kenka

    Man I dont even know where to start with this place. Well let’s start with $1.50 drafts of Kirni and Sapporo. Kenka is a Japanese Izakaya (kinda like a Japanese bar that serves good inexpensive food and drinks) located in New York's East Village. I was first introduced to Kenka about 5 years go by fellow Lomographers visiting from Japan, and have been an avid visitor ever since.