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  • Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    written by neja on 2011-03-23 #places
    Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    Making double exposures in Chelsea. I don't like pigeons myself. Well, not unless they are Chelsea pigeons. In Chelsea, everything is different, kind of like having a Midas touch.

  • Analogue Goodies Gleaming in Gold

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-11-17
    Analogue Goodies Gleaming in Gold

    Our analogue goodies and vintage finds are prized possessions to us as they are. However, certain luxurious versions, gleaming in gold, make them even more precious and eye-catching. Take a look at some notable gold versions of film camera models after the jump!

  • A Luxury Pinhole Camera

    written by jesushp on 2011-09-28 #news
    A Luxury Pinhole Camera

    The other day I saw a luxury pinhole camera on sale. The uniqueness of this camera is not in performance but in price. Nothing less than $ 975 for a new pinhole camera. Want to know why? To me, honestly, I did not remove my Diana + ...

  • Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-25 #places
    Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    A hotel with the best ever view you could possibly ever wish for. While preparing for going to Cape Town, I obviously wanted to stay somewhere with a Table Mountain view. It is called such because of the clouds rolling across the top of the mountain, which looks like a table cloth. A lot of the hotels advertised "partial Table View", but in reality, you would have to hang out by the window with the possibility of a broken neck to see even a glimpse of this majestic mountain.

  • Suria KLCC: Shop 'til You Drop

    written by guitarleo on 2011-10-05 #places
    Suria KLCC: Shop 'til You Drop

    When you go to Kuala Lumpur, you should take a visit to Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), a landmark in Kuala Lumpur, and a place for you to shop 'til you drop.

  • Biarritz Beaches- Surfer's Rule

    written by disdis on 2009-04-09 #places
    Biarritz Beaches- Surfer's Rule

    One of the Europe's paradise for surfers, beaches in Biarritz are made to see the horizon but also the magnificent mansions.

  • Cascade Country Manors, South Africa

    written by neja on 2012-06-18 #places
    Cascade Country Manors, South Africa

    Cascade Country Manors, a luxurious lomographic gateway in Western Cape. The reason we went to stay at Cascade Manor was because my friends wanted to visit Nabygelegen Vineyards because it was one of the few places producing the Pinot Noir they were so found of.

  • Slim Aarons, Socialites, and Swimming Pools

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-06-19 #news
    Slim Aarons, Socialites, and Swimming Pools

    One of the themes for June's requested posts is Rainbow Bright, galleries about your vivid color negative/slide photographs. For inspiration, we're sharing these images of luxurious rest and recreation by American photographer to the stars and the jetset, Slim Aarons. Life's a beach!

  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

    written by guitarleo on 2011-09-23 #places
    Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

    When you ask me about shopping, the first place that will appear in my mind is Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. This is the best place for fashion shopping, and also best in food and beverage.

  • Dock House Hotel, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-08-01 #places
    Dock House Hotel, Cape Town

    Dock House, a luxurious boutique hotel with only 8 rooms. Originally built as the Harbour Master’s private residence in the 1800’s, this grand architectural gem has been transformed into one of Cape Town’s most exclusive and elegant boutique hotels. It is situated opposite the graceful Time Ball Tower and its sister property, the renowned Victoria & Alfred Hotel, in the Waterfront’s Portswood Precinct.

  • La Mamounia - Oasis of Beauty

    written by neja on 2011-03-02 #places
    La Mamounia - Oasis of Beauty

    La Mamounia - the eye candy of Marrakech. After a day spent wandering around dusty Medina and souqs, it was still too early to return to our hotel so I suggested we check out the only Art Deco building in town - Hotel La Mamounia. I am a big fan of Art Deco style in architecture, so for me it was a must.

  • Els Quatre Gats Restaurant

    written by golfpunkgirl on 2008-04-27 #places
    Els Quatre Gats Restaurant

    Els Quatre Gats or 4 Gats (as its commonly known) sparked my interest after having read about it in a wonderful book called "Shadow of the wind" by a Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The book was set in Barcelona so when I visited the city for the third time early this year, I made it a point to visit and dine in this famed restaurant. It opened in 1897 and was a popular haunt for Picasso and his mates. He apparently took on his first commissioned work by creating the front cover of the menu. This only peaked my interest more and sure enough, it didn't disappoint.

  • Xmas at Grand Old Dame

    written by coolsigg on 2011-01-03 #places
    Xmas at Grand Old Dame

    What do a tiger, Ernest Hemingway, and W Somerset Maugham have in common? They had all set foot onto Raffles Hotel, one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Singapore. Aside from its rich history, the old world elegance of the Raffles Hotel continues to make it a favorite among guests.

  • The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

    written by antibiotyx on 2010-07-30 #places
    The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

    Located on Cotai Strip in Macau, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is home to Asia’s biggest casino. It is overwhelmingly huge and you really need to use a map if you don’t want to get lost!

  • Paradise Not Lost: Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

    written by stuckintraffic on 2011-12-05 #places
    Paradise Not Lost: Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

    The first time I heard about Bellarocca, I immediately had it pinned on the must-visit places in my head. It's this one humongous island rock and I wonder, how could rocks be any more beautiful than this? Truly, it lives up to its name - Bellarocca, which means beautiful rock.

  • Ooh la la! A Champagne Reception @ Lomography Gallery Store East London!

    written by ibiza_hippie on 2011-10-06 #news
    Ooh la la! A Champagne Reception @ Lomography Gallery Store East London!

    Join Lomography Gallery Store East London for the most delectable of evenings! We'll have everything, including a tasty new Lomographic Treat, to tingle your taste buds!

  • Dubai: Love and Luxury?

    written by horaciorv on 2010-01-01 #places
    Dubai: Love and Luxury?

    Discover another side of Dubai that goes beyond the usual towering hotels and malls. While tourists often head out here to enjoy the various worldly luxuries that this popular city has developed throughout recent years, walking along the Dubai Creek will give you a better sense of how everyday life here is like for many of the locals.

  • Casino of Monte Carlo

    written by vicuna on 2008-07-18 #places
    Casino of Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo has an international image of luxury, glamour and beautiful prestigious cars. The Casino of Monte Carlo is the main place were you can have a view of all these "clichés" who are more than that because they're also the reality of this place (shown for example in the 1995 James Bond movie "Goldeneye")!