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  • Paraty: Fish Water

    written by mahcalura on 2012-12-13 #places
    Paraty: Fish Water

    Considered a National Historical Heritage, Paraty in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one city worth visiting.

  • Paraty em Foco Festival

    written by jorgesato on 2010-12-08 #places
    Paraty em Foco Festival

    There's a party in Paraty! Seriously though, my trip to this small village was amazing - and perfectly timed too as they were celebrating their annual festival, which featured an event called, Paraty em Foco. This opportunity allowed me to meet lots of amazing people who also happened to be into Lomography! Here are some snapshots from my trip.

  • Check the Paraty em Foco results!

    written by liviacteixeira on 2010-09-09 #news
    Check the Paraty em Foco results!

    If you applied for this rumble, take a look if your photo is going to show up at "Paraty em Foco 2010" Festival!