My photos from Kiev (Ukraine) where now there happens mass protests against totalitarianism and corruption in Ukraine. It all started with the fact that the President of Ukraine abolished the integration of Ukraine to European Union, and took a course on the dictatorial policies of Putin. Yanukovych regime took place under the control of the Kremlin, which allowed to influence the Ukraine and exploit resources for profit.

Ukraine - is European country , Ukrainians - freedom-loving people. We will not admit dictatorship and human rights abuses. Courageous decision to fight for their rights and freedom has caused mass protests in the capital.

November 30 police ordered by President Yanukovych very severely beat people who peacefully were protesting. After so blatant cruelty on Maydan Nezalezhnosty (the central square in Kiev, translates as Independence Square) came out more than a million protesters.

Revolution in Kiev - one of the most beautiful events in which I participated.
On Maydan Nezalezhnosty reigns atmosphere of brotherhood and friendship . Unfortunately, this periodically was marred by the fact that the police brutally beat protesters, causing sometimes peaceful protest was acquiring form of battle.

Now the protests had spread throughout Ukraine. Local protests, which by analogy with the name of the Kiev Maydan Nezalezhnosty calls "Maidan". Ukrainian people are not want to accept the dictatorship of Putin, who wants to establish in Ukraine "puppet regime".

I was not planning to use for these films film soup, but when I showed these films in mini-lab, it turned out that there were spoiled chemical solutions. I did not get upset - because I got spontaneous and unusual effect - blue dots, as those which get out usually resulting from the use of film soup.


  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Glorious album!! But please be safe... if soldiers (who are as innocent as you are, just on wrong side) line up with rifles, or tanks begin to roll, DO NOT be the line of fire... and never hate... Mother has spoken.

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    This is awesome documentary. "BE SAFE" I agree with Mr. @herbert-4

  3. alexander_krolikowski
    alexander_krolikowski ·

    Thank you friends for your concern! Alexandra and I still have a film rolls (normally developed) with the photos of the revolution. In the near time I will upload them!

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