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  • The World According to Herr Willie: Ilha de Marajó

    written by wil6ka on 2015-11-08 #places
    The World According to Herr Willie: Ilha de Marajó

    Brazil is an awesome country for traveling. There's so much to explore, each place very different from one another. It will definitely take a stretch of trips just to get to know this this South American pearl. I finished my copa tour last year in Marajó, the island of bulls—it just might be an eternal highlight for me.

  • Prince's Islands, Istanbul,Turkey

    written by japsix on 2009-11-24 #places
    Prince's Islands, Istanbul,Turkey

    so beautiful! so peaceful! so quiet!

  • The Isle of Skye

    written by bensozia on 2010-09-17 #places
    The Isle of Skye

    An important centre of Gaelic culture. Known as "An t-Eilean Sgitheanach" in Scottish Gaelic, the Isle of Skye is the largest and most northerly of the Inner Hebrides. Once the disputed territory of both the MacLeod and Donald clans, the island is rich in ancient monuments.

  • Ferry To Don Sak

    written by drumfire on 2010-03-31 #places
    Ferry To Don Sak

    Need a transport from Island Ko Samui /Thailand/ to mainland?

  • Croatia

    written by horaciorv on 2010-08-03 #places

    Last year, my fiance and I took a trip to the coast of Croatia. We went in part because we wanted to share a trip with our Lomographer friends, and also because it was summer! So may I introduce you to the Mediterranean land from a bygone era!

  • MV Rus from Russia to Japan by Ship

    written by mr_sid on 2011-02-05 #places
    MV Rus from Russia to Japan by Ship

    If you are in Vladivostok and you like a sea trip, it's a good opportunity to take a ferry from Russia (Vladivostok) to Japan (Fushiki).

  • Pusan: A Crazy 1 Night 4 Days Trip

    written by takezzo on 2010-07-27 #places
    Pusan: A Crazy 1 Night 4 Days Trip

    We did a crazy 1 night, 4 day trip to Pusan from Osaka International Port. It was fun and very affordable and I definitely recommend that you guys try this out sometime soon. Read on more about the chronicles of our adventures here!

  • Anadolu Kavagi, My Firts Step in Asia!

    written by azurblue on 2009-09-15 #places
    Anadolu Kavagi, My Firts Step in Asia!

    Anadolu Kavagi is the name of a little village on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, three hours from Istanbul with the zig-zag ferry.

  • The Pier of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2009-03-13 #places
    The Pier of Nice

    The pier of Nice is one of my favorite place to shoot: a beautiful place, the sea, boats & ferries, people, well, a perfect place to make pictures! The pier of Nice is located at the entry of the port and is a fascinating place to have a walk, meet with friends, have some nice time to sit down to look at the sea and the boats...

  • Really Railay, Krabi

    written by vstephanie on 2009-03-11 #places
    Really Railay, Krabi

    This boot shaped peninsula in Krabi is a must stop of the Andaman coast where you can check out the breathtaking rock formations that you always see on those postcards you send back home....

  • Escape from Seoul: Muuido Weekend Adventure

    written by joyceyjoyce on 2011-10-19 #places
    Escape from Seoul: Muuido Weekend Adventure

    Just south of Seoul’s international airport, lies the beautiful but tiny Muuido Island. Its proximity to Seoul makes it a popular destination for tourists and day trippers alike who visit the island to hike up some small mountains, relax at the beach and chow down on some delicious fresh seafood.

  • Staten Island Ferry NYC

    written by faefaefae on 2009-10-08 #places
    Staten Island Ferry NYC

    If you're a New Yorker and think taking the Ferry is the only free activity this borough offers, shame on you. Every year, the Staten Island ferry serves 19 million passengers, it also operates 24/7.

  • Star Ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)

    written by k4ren on 2009-04-07 #places
    Star Ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)

    The ferry terminal overlooks Victoria Harbour and is a stunning sight at night. This is the biggest open space you can find in Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong: When the Sun Goes Down

    written by jasonskung on 2013-01-22 #places
    Hong Kong: When the Sun Goes Down

    The locals in Hong Kong work hard and party hard. Watch how the local financial district transforms into Hong Kong's ultimate nightlife hotspot.

  • From South to North: the Cook Strait

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-21 #places
    From South to North: the Cook Strait

    Leaving New Zealand's south island, we went to Wellington by ferry. We thought at the beginning that this trip was going to be only for some hours on a boat to reach the north island, but in fact it was a beautiful cruise through the Queen Charlotte Sound and the Cook Strait!

  • Balingoan Port to Benoni Wharf

    written by antibiotyx on 2010-04-06 #places
    Balingoan Port to Benoni Wharf

    The Balingoan Port is a busy harbor in Misamis Oriental in which daily ferries going to the island paradise of Camiguin and nearby islands dock.

  • Exploring Isla de Lobos in the Canary Islands

    written by mart on 2013-05-17 #places
    Exploring Isla de Lobos in the Canary Islands

    After spending a few days in the Canary Islands, we decided to visit the well-known Isla de Lobos -- a small island you can reach by ferry in about half an hour from Fuerteventura and an island definitely worth exploring.

  • Krazy Kool Koh Phangan!

    written by vstephanie on 2009-03-17 #places
    Krazy Kool Koh Phangan!

    Besides being famous for it’s monthly out of control Full Moon parties, Koh Phangan itself is a spot in Thailand worth checking out especially if you are the avid sun worshiper like me!

  • Downtown Seattle

    written by strangelilgirl on 2008-10-29 #places
    Downtown Seattle

    Grunge music, perpetual rain, the foundation of today’s most popular coffee…step foot in downtown Seattle and you’ll find it all, whether it’s coming from the music of street performers, the freshly brewed aromas at Pike Place Market, or the feel of your sweatshirt hood pulled against your face. These are things commonly associated with Seattle, even for people who’ve never been there before. But what I got from visiting this city was more than what could be contained in any amount of cliches combined.

  • Victoria's Inner Harbour

    written by dirklancer on 2008-11-06 #places
    Victoria's Inner Harbour

    Even though it's a 1300 km drive from my home, this is the place that I need to go to at least every other year. There's just something in the air and the atmosphere here that relaxes me like no place else.

  • Pulau Ubin April Fools!

    written by bao_wei on 2012-04-30 #places
    Pulau Ubin April Fools!

    It was April Fool's Day and so my friend and I decided to go to an island to have some FUN! Guess which island? Pulua Ubin! A small island in Singapore, which is small but definitely an interesting and fun place to go to. It is a small island (10.19 km²) situated at the northeast of Singapore, to the west of Pulau Tekong. Granite quarrying supported a few thousand settlers on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, but only about a hundred villagers live there today. It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore, with an abundance of natural flora and fauna.

  • Take the Ferry

    written by nylonviolence on 2011-03-03 #places
    Take the Ferry

    Cabin fever led to several rolls of film being sacrificed and a camera nearly going overboard. On a recent trip to Amsterdam with a group of friends we took the ferry from Harwich in Suffolk to the Hook of Holland.

  • HK China Ferry Terminal

    written by antibiotyx on 2010-06-02 #places
    HK China Ferry Terminal

    China Ferry Terminal is one of the three cross-border ports in Hong Kong located at China HK City in Canton Road, north of Harbour City Shopping Mall.

  • An Unplanned Trip to Batam Island for a Quick Getaway

    written by hairil on 2011-12-07 #places
    An Unplanned Trip to Batam Island for a Quick Getaway

    The island of Batam seems to be synonymous with Singaporeans. Boasting of great food, friendly people, and somewhat reasonable shopping deals, this is an ideal place to unwind after a week’s worth of hectic work.

  • I'm on a Boat! Staten Island Ferry Lomo-Journey @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy

    2011-05-02 #news
    I'm on a Boat!  Staten Island Ferry Lomo-Journey @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy

    Come with us as we leave the isle of Manhattan for a high seas journey. All you'll need is a Lomography camera and a sense of adventure!

  • It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey - The Gozo Ferry

    written by webo29 on 2011-04-06 #places
    It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey - The Gozo Ferry

    Webo29 gives a cliche, realistic twist on a whirlwind tour of the ferry which takes you from Malta to Gozo.

  • Balboa Island Ferry, Newport Beach

    written by big_penguin on 2010-08-11 #places
    Balboa Island Ferry, Newport Beach

    Nestled in one of Southern California’s most scenic harbors is the historic Balboa Island Ferry, connecting Balboa Island to the Balboa Peninsula since 1919. It's one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, and with good reason!

  • Vilkija ferry place

    written by jogintas on 2008-09-28 #places
    Vilkija ferry place

    There are two ways to reach the Baltic coast of Lithuania traveling from the most of other lithuanian or european places. The first one and the fastest is the highway (lithuanian "autostrada"): higher speeds, two lanes and the journey lasts not so long.

  • Sandbanks Chain Link Ferry

    2008-04-27 #places
    Sandbanks Chain Link Ferry

    The Bramble Bush Bay chain link ferry operates between Sandbanks and Shell Bay at the entrance of Poole Harbour on the south coast of England. It transports pedestrians and any type of vehicle imaginable from bicycles to double-decker buses. It operates all year round (except for every couple of years when it is serviced in the October/November timeframe) from 7 am until 11 pm, every 20 minutes. Details of the Ferry service that has operated since 1924 can be found on the ferry website: "http://www.sandbanksferry.co.uk/ ":http://www.sandbanksferry.co.uk/

  • Hong Kong on Fuji Velvia

    written by ghostkamera on 2008-04-27 #places
    Hong Kong on Fuji Velvia

    The day before yesterday I had lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui, wonderful lamb curry, chicken karahi and chappatis, then (energy boosted) walked to the star ferry, sat on the waves, took a rusty old tram to western market, stood and walked admiring Sheung Wan and all the small alleys with dried fish stalls, barbers, fruit and vegetables, meat laid out in fresh reds, spices and nuts in huge baskets... and I emptied my roll of film, loaded another, walked high up to the mid levels, then down through Soho...sat for an hour at pacific coffee drinking a reasonable latte and reading my Elliott Smith book.