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  • An Incredible Lomography Story From A NYC PopUpShop Visitor

    written by ouroborosx on 2009-01-08 #news
    An Incredible Lomography Story From A NYC PopUpShop Visitor

    Over the past month at the "New York City Lomography PopUpShop":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/blog/2009/01/05/new-york-city-lomography-popupshop-the-last-week, we have met so many new friends, neighbors, old-school Lomographers, and other assorted colorful characters.

  • My LomoStory - minty_

    written by minty_ on 2010-08-05
    My LomoStory - minty_

    I don't know what it was: fate, a coincidence or an accident... but here I am. I remember that day. It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. I was bored to death and just surfing through the Internet. Then I honestly don't know what happened.

  • My Lomo LC-A+ Story: Live Life Analogue

    written by wandy_saeit on 2012-01-31
    My Lomo LC-A+ Story: Live Life Analogue

    I started Lomography a few years ago. A friend of mine, Zulkamal Azman, was the one who introduced me to Lomo. Read on to know more about my LomoStory.

  • My LomoStory

    written by kazarareta on 2009-07-16 #news
    My LomoStory

    Being reassigned as the new web magazine editor, I guess it's about time I told you guys about myself and how I got into the wonderful world of Lomography!

  • My LomoStory: Sasha

    written by awfullysasha on 2012-01-02
    My LomoStory: Sasha

    My LomoStory began with a pamphlet. I had innocently chanced upon this brochure, displaying Diana in all her plastic glory. Needless to say, I was infatuated. Initially, it was merely physical. I wanted Diana for her body!

  • My LomoStory by paper_doll

    written by paper_doll on 2009-05-18 #news
    My LomoStory by paper_doll

    “No, it’s not like any other love. This one is different because it’s us.” - The Smiths

  • My LomoStory: coldkennels

    written by coldkennels on 2010-05-05 #news
    My LomoStory: coldkennels

    A brief synopsis: I hated cameras. Now I don't. It's a bit more detailed than that, though.

  • Two Ways to See the World - My LomoStory

    written by attelid on 2011-11-03
    Two Ways to See the World - My LomoStory

    My LomoStory began many years ago, when I was a little girl, and my mom gave me an Actionsampler. I liked that present, the idea of taking 4 pictures in one shot was really funny. There were no digital cameras at that time. But I was too young, and not yet interested in photography... and now, I really don't know where the hell my old Actionsampler is. We moved a couple of times, so I have no idea of where my parents placed it. (Sometimes I hear the ghost of that camera walking in my house whispering: "WHY?"...)

  • Through the Looking Glass: My LomoStory

    written by twinklecat on 2011-11-26
    Through the Looking Glass: My LomoStory

    This is the story of how I fell down the rabbit hole of Lomography, discovered a new language of light, and learned to see the world anew.

  • My lomostory: I'm Here Because of My Girlfriend!

    written by breakphreak on 2009-01-12 #news
    My lomostory: I'm Here Because of My Girlfriend!

    Well, I'm not very into photo stuff, rather prefer making "music":http://www.totalreboot.com . On the other hand, I've always dreamed about working with

  • My LomoStory: Schemerel

    written by schemerel on 2011-06-03
    My LomoStory: Schemerel

    My discovery, and more importantly, re-discovery of Lomography.

  • My LomoStory : Twoasty

    written by twoasty on 2011-05-25
    My LomoStory : Twoasty

    This is the story of my first meeting with my Minx, she's a white Fisheye. It began almost six years ago when I found out cameras named Lomography exist from a TV program. The program talked about the Indonesian Lomography Community, Lomonesia. I remember I was so attracted by those cameras and especially the motto "Don't think just shoot".