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  • A Cruise with Diana and Her Splitzer

    written by toyam on 2011-02-17 #places
    A Cruise with Diana and Her Splitzer

    Experimenting with a Diana F+, multiple exposures, and a splitzer in a cruise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea can be very funny! It's never too late to play a little bit with a pink camera. Just relax and came with me to hear the waves (and the people shouting in the background) in this cruise.

  • A Salute to the Masters: The Mediterranean Sea (A Tribute to Édouard Boubat)

    written by sirio174 on 2015-05-16
    A Salute to the Masters: The Mediterranean Sea (A Tribute to Édouard Boubat)

    This article is a tribute to an important street photographer, Edouard Boubat. His pictures are characterized by great poetic touch, strong social sensitivity, and utmost respect for people and places. Inspired by a book which contains Boubat's photos taken in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, I pay homage by showcasing some of my photos taken within the same geographic area.

  • La Costa Brava: Llançà

    written by megustastu on 2011-02-07 #places
    La Costa Brava: Llançà

    Without a doubt, Costa Brava (Brave Coast) takes its name from this area of the Catalan Coast where the Pyrenees sinks into the Mediterranean. Put on your best shoes, load your camera because we are going to take a walk where we don’t even know what we will find.

  • Saint Cyprien Plage

    written by misskhali on 2009-01-04 #places
    Saint Cyprien Plage

    Last year I was living in Toulouse in the south west of France. With friends we decided to go by the sea on a shinny Sunday, and the road lead us to Saint Cyprien, near Perpignan.

  • Lomography Day Trips: Malta

    written by geegraphy on 2013-08-14 #places
    Lomography Day Trips: Malta

    Blessed with a wealth of cultural and historical monuments, as well as recreational areas, the southern European archipelago of Malta is a gem in the Mediterranean.