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  • Scuba Diving in Grand Turks

    written by samistardust on 2010-08-06 #places
    Scuba Diving in Grand Turks

    I recently went on a family trip to Grand Turks and scuba dived with my precious LOMO LC-A+. Just when I thought the underwater world couldnt get better, the LC-A+ and the trusty Krab pull me in and gave me some very nice surprises!

  • Pirates, Caribbean Island Life (Mexico)

    written by blue-dog on 2009-02-13 #places
    Pirates, Caribbean Island Life (Mexico)

    There is a place in Mexico that I fell madly in love with many years ago called Isla Mujeres. English translation; Island of Woman . So just given that information it becomes a place of wonder lust to most people. I love the slow life here, and it is nothing like the excess of Cancun. With its Caribbean cobalt sky, ( take your LCA ) and crystal clear turquoise waters,( take your Frogeye) And white-bright sugar-sand beaches, you could shoot lots of slow speed films here, or even pinhole shooting because it can be very bright in the shade on most summer days.

  • Pot-o-Prens: Hope Amidst Devastation

    written by titidvivant on 2011-01-26 #places
    Pot-o-Prens: Hope Amidst Devastation

    For the anniversary of the January 12, 2010 earthquake that rocked the poor and proud island nation of Haiti, it is necessary to look past the media representation of a pitiful population in need of charity, and instead look to images of hope and renew our commitment of solidarity.

  • Women's Bead Co-Op on a Caribbean Island

    written by blue-dog on 2010-07-24 #places
    Women's Bead Co-Op on a Caribbean Island

    Come and spend your vacation in the beautiful Caribbean island Isla Mujeres in Mexico as I have a great find for you there! It's a great place to eat as well as the place to go to for all of your beadwork needs. It's for a good cause to boot!

  • The Rock Boat

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-08-30 #places
    The Rock Boat

    Every year in the heart of winter many a cruise ship depart from the ports of Florida and sail to some fine, tropical land. This cruise however, is a bit different.

  • St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean: Montserrat's National Day

    written by zipper on 2012-05-08 #news
    St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean: Montserrat's National Day

    Montserrat is a little island in the Caribbean and, with Ireland, they are the only two places in the world that celebrate their National Day on March the 17th. It is a mixture of an Irish party and the celebration of the slaves' revolution in the 18th century. Absolutely unique!