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  • Location of the Week

    written by silvergwen on 2010-04-21 #news
    Location of the Week

    The towering statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is world famous. Situated on top of the Corcovado mountain, you can get there by riding a cable car, buses, or you can just walk.

  • Lisbon Photo Opportunity #4: Fernando Pessoa's Statue

    written by saidseni on 2012-11-16 #places
    Lisbon Photo Opportunity #4: Fernando Pessoa's Statue

    It is a tradition in Lisbon, whether city folks or foreigners, everybody wants to take a picture sitting next to the famous Portuguese poet.

  • Don't Be Fearful, Visit Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

    written by pomps on 2011-11-08 #places
    Don't Be Fearful, Visit Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

    This may not be the creepiest cemetery, in case you are seeking a terror experience but it is worth visiting if you are around Recoleta, a fancy neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

  • The Running Virgin Mary in Village of Rus, Castilla de La Mancha, Spain

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-24 #places
    The Running Virgin Mary in Village of Rus, Castilla de La Mancha, Spain

    A small village in La Mancha where, every year just after Easter, you can see the Virgin Mary sprinting down a country road.

  • Memento Park - Preserving Communist Monuments

    written by anarchy on 2009-08-06 #places
    Memento Park - Preserving Communist Monuments

    Take a trip back in time when all public places were adorned with gigantic monuments of Communist heroes and anybody who had a car drove a Trabant.

  • Batu Caves, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2011-04-14 #places
    Batu Caves, Malaysia

    Batu Caves is a well-known tourist attraction with its 272 rock stairs as well as the 42.7m high statue of the Lord Murugan.

  • Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea

    written by reneg88 on 2010-08-05 #places
    Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea

    I decided to make a location of one of the most important graveyards in Puerto Rico - the Santa María Magdalena Graveyard. Though it never even occurred to me that by being so close to death, it would take the life of my precious Diana F+.

  • Colossal Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Cairo

    written by weechonghooi on 2009-03-02 #places
    Colossal Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Cairo

    Memphis... extended for 15 kilometers from Giza to Saqqara. One of the oldest cities on Earth. Legendary Memphis was the capital of the ancient Egypt throughout the old kingdom.

  • One of My Favourite Blue Plaques in London

    written by sandkorn on 2011-04-21 #places
    One of My Favourite Blue Plaques in London

    J.M. Barrie's blue plaque, the creator of Peter Pan!

  • Ta Cu Buddha

    written by katya-leontyeva on 2010-06-15 #places
    Ta Cu Buddha

    The statue of Buddha on Nirvana of Ta Cu is longest Buddha statue in Vietnam.

  • Slavin, Bratislava

    written by paper_doll on 2011-03-10 #places
    Slavin, Bratislava

    Slavin, also designated by the National Cultural Monument, was erected in 1960 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Bratislava in the Second World War.

  • Memento Park

    written by paper_doll on 2010-10-17 #places
    Memento Park

    Communism in Hungary may have ended in 1989, but on the outskirts of Budapest there is a park where you can still feel it. After the fall of communism, citizens of Eastern European cities understandably began destroying the buildings, statues and symbols of the era and regime that had oppressed them since 1949.

  • The Seven Statues of The Massena Square (Nice, France)

    written by azurblue on 2009-04-02 #places
    The Seven Statues of The Massena Square (Nice, France)

    Large luminous statues shining in the sky above the square.

  • Mu Ryang Sa Temple

    written by neanderthalis on 2012-11-30 #places
    Mu Ryang Sa Temple

    Tucked at the back of Palolo Valley lies a Korean Buddhist temple steeped in culture, complete with beautiful architecture and statues.

  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    written by anarchy on 2008-09-06 #places
    Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square received global media attention in 2004 as the focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gathered in the Independence Square in Kiev during November, 2004. On some days, the number of protesters in the center of Kiev reached hundreds of thousands (one million by some estimates). Today, things have calmed down a little and the tented city that sprung up overnight has long gone. Independence Square, however, is still the city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching.

  • Kaliningrad

    written by jogintas on 2008-04-27 #places

    Have you been in Russia? If yes (the main part of it with St. Peter or Moscow), then try Kaliningrad Oblast, or Kaliningrad Area and especially the main town itself. It is situated near the Poland and Lithuania and still has got a pure sense of USSR. Imagine that there are still numbers on the shops, like magazine No.34 in one village and magazine No.35 in the next village just 3 kilometers away.

  • Terchova

    written by jogintas on 2008-09-27 #places

    Ahoy, you mountain lovers! Ahoy, you hikers and extreme leisure activity fans! This is a story from the heart of Mala Fatras mountainous region in Slovakia's north-west. It is not so easy to find it, so please take a look at the map. OK, first thing when you get there, you need to find a place to stay (that's easy - a lot of motels, hotels, accommodation offers from the natives and so on).

  • York

    written by hanspan on 2008-09-09 #places

    After spending the first 22 years of my life living in york, i realized that i'd never really looked around me, my time was consumed (like so many others) with dashing to and from work, the pub, or a friends house! so i decided it was time to explore the world around me.

  • Rediscovering Petzval's Traces in the Hometown of the Waltz

    written by andie_sollmer on 2014-09-02 #news
    Rediscovering Petzval's Traces in the Hometown of the Waltz

    There’s a time in a famous person’s life, when interesting facts are being discovered. We think Mathematician and physician Joseph Maximilian Petzval is now famous enough to have his secrets revealed. Join us as we stroll through Viennese Petzval History.

  • At the heart of Seoul

    written by deprofundis on 2012-03-27 #places
    At the heart of Seoul

    Like every city in the world, in Seoul city center, you can find the most important institutional buildings in the city, like the City Hall, and other business and commercial buildings. Among these tall modern structures, you can also find the most famous historic palaces in the city.

  • The Park with Rocks

    written by lucretia on 2011-07-15 #places
    The Park with Rocks

    The Park with Rocks is my favorite park in Constanta. However, this is not its real name. I have been calling it by this name since I was little, as this particular park is full of large rocks. But if you look closely, you will find that they are quite special!

  • Lapidarium in Berlin

    written by abcdefuck on 2011-05-12 #places
    Lapidarium in Berlin

    In Lapidarium in Berlin, there are a lot of huge monuments and statues of key figures of German history. These are all very old and huge.

  • Location of the Week

    written by silvergwen on 2008-12-17 #news
    Location of the Week

    "Scorpie":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/scorpie showed us some real man made beauty with this superb review! Great shoots, a great text and some nice links with further useful information :)

  • Gyeongju

    written by lomography on 2008-05-09 #places

    This city is known as an 'outdoor museum', for good reason. Everywhere you look there are ancient buildings, Buddha statues, old temples and, best of all, giant mounds called 'tumuli' in which are buried the bones of ancient kings. Most tumuli are just huge, bare, grassy hills, but one in particular draws me again and again. This tomb of a 1300-years-dead king has about six trees on it - Tim Burtony, craggy trees.

  • Trail Dust Town

    written by janisthewanis on 2008-04-27 #places
    Trail Dust Town

    Here are few photos from Trail Dust Town in Tucson Arizona. A cheesy little relic of the old west. Of course they have a little troth for gold panning, an old photo studio (the kind where you dress up and hold fake guns and they print them sepia toned), gift shops, a live stunt show, and an arcade. As fun as this all is, a majority of the time I was pointing my Lubitel around with a bit of 70mm magic inside. You be the judge of the results. Take the afternoon, evening or what ever and have a hootin and hollerin good time. They have two restaurants there that aren't bad and plenty to see and do. I wouldn't plan on a full day as it's pretty small and there is a lot of other things to see and do in Tucson.