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  • Lomomission 57: In Transit

    written by cruzron on 2009-09-14 #news
    Lomomission 57: In Transit

    Just because you're not on foot doesn't mean you can't shoot! Stand up, balance yourself, and try to win this month's Lomomission challenge!

  • Train and Tracks in Film

    written by mayeemayee on 2013-06-02
    Train and Tracks in Film

    Running hundreds of kilometers per hour, train rides can be both exciting and boring. For every train ride depends on the traveler and the moment he/she experiences during it.

  • Lomomission 57: In Transit Winner Announcement

    written by cruzron on 2009-10-01 #news
    Lomomission 57: In Transit Winner Announcement

    The planes have landed and the trains have arrived! Did you take a winning shot in between? Find out after the jump!

  • Discovering the Marquesas Archipelago Part 1: Transit in Rangiroa

    written by vicuna on 2010-04-08 #places
    Discovering the Marquesas Archipelago Part 1: Transit in Rangiroa

    Last Christmas I made an fantastic travel to the Marquesas archipelago and I will share the whole trip with you. But first, before reaching the Marquesas, I made a short transit on Rangiroa atoll. And I promised to write a location about the winning shot of the hidden location rumble ("http://www.lomography.com/magazine/competitions/2010/03/25/the-hidden-lomolocation-rumble-winner-announcement":http://www.lomography.com/magazine/competitions/2010/03/25/the-hidden-lomolocation-rumble-winner-announcement), and here it is!

  • Riding the Chicago

    written by flannelcat on 2010-09-07 #places
    Riding the Chicago

    One of the things I miss most about Chicago is the awesome public transportation, and the "L" can really get you anywhere you need to go. It is the equivalent to a subway system, except it is above ground for most of the tracks. It's the best way to go on an adventure, and also the best way to get lost! This is a good thing.

  • Main Street Station

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-21 #places
    Main Street Station

    Richmond is full of different architectural styles. Quite often you’ll find a historical building directly next to a brand new building, or in the case of Main Street Station you’ll notice that the highway has actually been built around the building! According to www.richmondgov.com, the building was originally built in 1901, and was for the next 74 years a “bustling transportation hub.” However, due to a decrease in passenger rail service, it was closed in 1975. The building remained closed for the next 28 years, and was re-opened in 2003 after years of renovation, and now has limited train service to downtown Richmond.

  • Brach’s Candy Factory

    written by lomography on 2008-04-27 #places
    Brach’s Candy Factory

    I recently went to the abandoned Brach's Candy Factory, 401 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL. At the time of its closing in 2004, it was the largest candy factory in the world. Although it has only been three years since it closed, its interior condition has quickly deteriorated. The factory is easy to get into the plant via a noticeable break in the fence and is located on Chicago's West Side near the intersection of N. Cicero Ave. and W. Lake Street. You can use Chicago's rapid transit system by taking the Green Line: Lake, getting off at the Cicero station. The station is on the northeast corner of Lake and Cicero and the candy factory is off to the left of the station. You may find homeless people in some of the rooms of the factory. We did, but they just said hello as we walked by.

  • LomoMuni: Gettin' Around Workshop

    written by lomographysf on 2012-07-12 #news
    LomoMuni: Gettin' Around Workshop

    Join Muni Diaries and Lomography San Francisco for a high-speed Muni-themed photo workshop. We'll be riding through the streets and tunnels of the city with film cameras in hand; Be fast and shoot from the hip for best results!

  • Living on the Edge

    written by fookshit on 2009-11-11 #places
    Living on the Edge

    If you desire to go somewhere with your camera, then this location will surely take you on the edge, literally!