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  • Photo Stories: Cambodian Kid at Angkor Wat by tattso

    written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-06-15 #places
    Photo Stories: Cambodian Kid at Angkor Wat by tattso

    The Angkor Wat boasts of magnificent views not found anywhere else in the world yet tattso was able to see beyond that and observe another, perhaps lesser known, side of it.

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    written by lihooi on 2011-12-13 #places
    Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat is without a doubt, the most famous and most visited on everyone's Southeast Asian list of must-sees. So far, none of the people that I know who have been to Cambodia wasn't visiting the country just for this location.

  • Fed 2 Rangefinder For a Live Concert

    written by slothglut on 2009-01-19 #gear
    Fed 2 Rangefinder For a Live Concert

    with f/2.8 + 1/25 - bulb capacity, i was surprised on how versatile + useful a rangefinder, a fed 2 mind you, could be when it comes to capturing dark, important + historical moments such as these concert where from placebo to the relatively unknown kate miller-heidke played with a majestic backdrop of angkor wat.

  • My Wanderlust Wonderlist (Part 1)

    written by geegraphy on 2012-10-11 #places
    My Wanderlust Wonderlist (Part 1)

    It seems that everybody’s got a case of wanderlust these days, and I have to admit, I’m one of them.

  • A Photogenic Wonder: Visiting Pegan in Burma

    written by bsmart on 2012-06-19 #places
    A Photogenic Wonder: Visiting Pegan in Burma

    I arrived at the ancient city of Pegan in Burma (Myanmar) from Mandalay. My overloaded bus pulled up a dusty unsealed road and stopped outside a ramshackle hotel. It was hard to believe that Pegan was one of the premier tourist sights in South East Asia.

  • Angkor Wat (and Surrounding Temples)

    written by domleong on 2009-10-15 #places
    Angkor Wat (and Surrounding Temples)

    The majestic Angkor Wat and other beautiful temples in the surrounding area.

  • WATta Sunrise!

    written by bluemie5 on 2012-11-06 #places
    WATta Sunrise!

    Have you been to Siam Reap, Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat? Well, you can't say you've been there if you haven't seen its sunrise. I got up at around 4AM, hired a tuktuk to bring me there, waited around with a lot of enthusiasts like me at the pond area, only to see this magnificent view. Was it worth it? I hope this article will reveal my answer.