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  • My Friend reneg88

    written by cinzinc on 2010-10-09
    My Friend reneg88

    Get to know our friend Rene aka Reneg88! A singer songwriter soon to be bringing us his lovely hits not just through his Lomographs, but who knows, through the airwaves! Find out more with this crazy fun interview by cinzic!

  • Our Community LomoAmigojesushp shoots in 3D!

    written by lomographyembassyspain on 2012-08-20 #people
    Our Community LomoAmigojesushp shoots in 3D!

    He describes himself as ‘a humble lover of the photography world and, of course, of the Lomo universe’. Today he’s going to tell us about his research in the three-dimensional side of lomographic image and he’s also going to show us some results. Get your 3D glasses on to be able to enjoy them!

  • My Bestest LomoFriend

    written by warning on 2011-06-17
    My Bestest LomoFriend

    My best LomoFriend is English, although he’s acclimated perfectly to Spanish life. He likes zipping around Madrid on his bike. He hides from its unforgiving sun by climbing into the freezers in Carrefour. At weekends he escapes to his girlfriend's village in Castilla La Mancha. When he's old, he’d like to go and live in the Scottish Highlands. My best LomoFriend is an artist who wields pencils just as well as he handles cameras. My best LomoFriend is bensozia.

  • Brilliantly Extraordinary: Berlin Through the Lens of Mary Ocher

    written by zonderbar on 2011-07-29 #people
    Brilliantly Extraordinary: Berlin Through the Lens of Mary Ocher

    Mary Ocher has quite an interesting life, that's for sure! She was born in Moscow, raised in Tel Aviv and is now living in Berlin. Mary is a singer-songwriter, poet, artist, and an occasional DJ. If you think this is off the hook, then you should take the chance and go to one of her gigs. With her eccentric and extraordinary style and voice, she will definitely blow you away. Meet our latest LomoAmigo and LomoFriend of the Berlin City Guide!