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  • Senghor's Birth Place in Joal, Sénégal

    written by azurblue on 2010-03-08 #places
    Senghor's Birth Place in Joal, Sénégal

    Joal is the place where was born the first president of independent Sénégal, Léopold Sédar Senghor. He is also the country’s most famous and respected poet. Joal is a little city situated on the Petite Cote, 115 km south from Dakar, in Sénégal.

  • 'BABY DON’T HURT ME' 110 Cameras Workshop

    written by lomographysg on 2013-01-21 #news

    Here at Lomography, we believe that no matter the size of your camera you’ll still be able to capture amazing Lomographs! The 110 Lomography babies, though palm-sized, sure do pack a punch for their size! In this workshop, we’ll uncover the wonders of these cameras and we promise a ball of a time!