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  • Auckland Domain Wintergardens

    written by adam_g2000 on 2011-11-12 #places
    Auckland Domain Wintergardens

    When you are tired of the clubs, tourists, and noise, a short walk from the Museum at the Domain near the heart of Auckland, lies a place of solitude, a lomographer's dream. The floral beauty and architectural wonder of the Wintergardens.

  • Wallern im Burgenland

    written by lomography on 2008-04-27 #places
    Wallern im Burgenland

    My five brothers and I have grown up in Wallern im Burgenland. My youngest brother and my parents live still there and I spend often my holidays there. Wallern im Burgenland lie in protected area near the lake Neusiedler See. The market municipality of Wallern im Burgenland lies in the Hansag, between Tadtenand Pamhagen.