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  • Berlin For a Night Through Indonesian Eyes

    written by panjihardjakaprabon on 2010-10-19 #places
    Berlin For a Night Through Indonesian Eyes

    The first impression when i arrived in Berlin was "WOW what a great great train station", there's nothing like this in my home country. It's quite different than the 2 cities before I got to Berlin (Erfurt and Frankfurt), maybe because all of the skyscrapers in downtown. This is the third city in my summer school trip around Europe, in Deutchland or we can called it Germany.

  • Ladies' Weekend in Berlin!

    written by jennysparkle on 2012-04-02 #places
    Ladies' Weekend in Berlin!

    So, at the end of last year I decided it was time for a ladies' weekend. My best mate was wrapping up the shoot of a TV show that ended in Berlin. So, naturally, I’m never one to turn down a wrap party!