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  • Nighttime Lomography Redscale Test Drive

    written by deje on 2012-05-02 #gear
    Nighttime Lomography Redscale Test Drive

    Aloha everyone! I've seen daytime redscale photos a million times in contrast to the extremely rare nighttime ones. But I'm sure that they exist and I'm not the only one who came to the idea of nighttime redscale shooting. Even in Vkontakte Lomography group I've discovered hardly 5 or 6 ones.

  • Shoot on the Rooftop!

    written by kuo-kwi on 2011-10-05 #gear #tutorials
    Shoot on the Rooftop!

    Look around.. the sun is shining over your head and it definitely looks charming. You feel the urge to go out of the house but you don't know where to go.. Here's a perfect spot to shoot...Go up to your roof.

  • Railway Station of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-24 #places
    Railway Station of Nice

    I asked myself what kind of new place I could shoot in my town to share with the Lomo community and thought about the fact hat locations are all about traveling and discovery....hmmm ... what kind of place can represent the travel spirit before you arrive in a new place: a railway station of course!!

  • Fès from The Roof

    written by -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- on 2009-09-14 #places
    Fès from The Roof

    The oldest of the imperial cities of Morocco. The Medina of Fès el-Bali (Old Fès) is the largest living Islamic medieval city in the world.

  • St Cuthberts Church

    written by hanspan on 2009-08-17 #places
    St Cuthberts Church

    Unused, Locked and likely to become another block of flats. Small and sprightly this church stood for so much in it’s parish in previous years, and without it the community would be totally different. It’s just a shame it’s going to fall into disrepair!!!

  • My Favorite Roof and Beach!! Izumrud

    written by japsix on 2009-02-21 #places
    My Favorite Roof and Beach!!  Izumrud

    Izumrud (that means emerald) is a small hotel on the black sea shore. It'll take you about 30 minutes to get there from Sevastopol. I've been visiting this place every summer since the age of 5)) And to tell you the truth, the houses and rooms of this small and cosy hotel hasn't seen much reconstruction since 1990))