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  • Šibenik, a Town Set in Stone

    written by marinam on 2011-01-20 #places
    Šibenik, a Town Set in Stone

    I dare you to go get a map of Europe and try find my hometown on it. Find Italy and its Adriatic coast. Now, go to the opposite coast and you will find the most beautiful region of Croatia - Dalmatia! Šibenik, my hometown, is situated right there! Welcome!

  • Get Enchanted with Rovinj

    written by magdalenagabriela on 2009-11-04 #places
    Get Enchanted with Rovinj

    Forget Paris, forget Rome. It’s Rovinj which is the most romantic place in the world! Let me invite you to take a stroll around ist narrow streets and fall in love with that charming town.

  • Peillon village behind Nice and Monaco

    written by azurblue on 2008-12-01 #places
    Peillon village behind Nice and Monaco

    Peillon a picturesque village behind Nice and Monaco. When you'll be bored with beaches , pay a visit to the village of the hinterland. Take your car or a bus, drive 20 kms and discover a new world : olds villages, with narrow streets of cobblestones, houses in stones, ancient fountains, and old churches.