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  • Swim, Swim My Little Frogeye!

    written by mimjamil on 2010-10-19 #gear
    Swim, Swim My Little Frogeye!

    Once upon a time ago, frogs were related to Lomography too. You don't believe me? Read this!

  • The Frogeye: A Handsome Frog in a Tuxedo

    written by zoe191 on 2009-03-05 #gear
    The Frogeye: A Handsome Frog in a Tuxedo

    The amphibious camera that looks good either in or out of the water.

  • Lomopedia: Lomography Frogeye

    written by geegraphy on 2013-07-15 #gear
    Lomopedia: Lomography Frogeye

    The Lomography Frogeye is a sleek, point-and-shoot, all-weather camera that can be taken underwater up to a depth of 12 ft.

  • Melaka: Malaysia's Well-Known Heritage City

    written by jibamz on 2011-05-31 #places
    Melaka: Malaysia's Well-Known Heritage City

    Melaka is known as the nation's leading state for research and development in different industries such as biotechnologies, medical, business, scientific, technology, and industrial communities. Melaka is located on the West Coast Peninsular of Malaysia facing the Straits of Melaka. It is a land of polyglot where residents consist of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Straits-born Chinese known as Peranakan, Straits-born Indians known as Chitty, Portuguese descendants and Eurasians.

  • Fun Frogeye Gallery

    written by cruzron on 2009-10-16 #news
    Fun Frogeye Gallery

    Is the water too cold for you? Towel up, take a walk and take your amphibious friend, the Lomography Frogeye and see things like never before!

  • Gemia Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

    written by tweetysamm on 2009-09-20 #places
    Gemia Island, Terengganu, Malaysia

    An island with no expectation but full of amazing surprises. A nice place to have a vacation, great waters, friendly staff, what more can you ask for?

  • Swimming Made Fun

    written by nural on 2010-11-21 #gear
    Swimming Made Fun

    This camera lets people like me, who don't like to swim, to have fun in the sea!

  • Durban - KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

    written by amandakl on 2010-05-29 #places
    Durban - KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

    Situated on east coast of the Southern most tip of Africa. Durban's is a melting pot of cultures with beautiful swimming beaches.

  • Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    written by anarchy on 2008-09-06 #places
    Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine

    Situated at the northern end of Khreschatyk, Kiev’s Independence Square received global media attention in 2004 as the focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Orange-clad demonstrators gathered in the Independence Square in Kiev during November, 2004. On some days, the number of protesters in the center of Kiev reached hundreds of thousands (one million by some estimates). Today, things have calmed down a little and the tented city that sprung up overnight has long gone. Independence Square, however, is still the city’s most popular spot for meetings, late night drinking and people watching.