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  • The Bulgan Province

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-13 #places
    The Bulgan Province

    Endless steppe, warm gers, toothless grannies and the gorgeous smell of burning sheep dung.

  • Sand dunes of Oursi

    written by vicuna on 2008-12-01 #places
    Sand dunes of Oursi

    I went to the Touareg area of Oursi (north of Burkina Faso) to discover the desert, at the limit of the Sahel and Sahara desert, where the trees and bushes disappear, replaced by the sand...

  • Morocco from My Fisheye's Point of View

    written by olyfie on 2012-07-16 #places
    Morocco from My Fisheye's Point of View

    Two South African girls fed up with city life, packed up and decided to backpack through Morocco and travel the Sahara desert in June 2012. We did this with no preceded planning except for buying the airline tickets. This turned out to be the most magical and enlightening trip we've had, and not in the least bit as scary as everyone warned us it would be. I documented everything I laid my eyes on with an 100 ISO color negative film and my Fisheye 2 and experimented with a 50 ISO expired film that also went through the airport scanner. This trip made for some interesting pics. Enjoy!