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  • The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    written by cheesegirl on 2010-01-18 #places
    The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    Historical and factual information on this building is scarce due to the fact that it is an abandoned factory that is located on an abandoned street. It is a dream location for anyone interested in urban exploration, abandoned factories, and graffiti.

  • Sir Winston Churchill Square

    written by dirklancer on 2008-11-29 #places
    Sir Winston Churchill Square

    Sounds like a location in the UK, non? Well, our fine Canadian city _does_ have a fairly British sounding name... Sir Winston Churchill Square is nearly smack-dab-in-the-middle of the "Festival City", and many of our festivals and other events are held here. Whether it's to watch a family movie on a three-storey inflatable screen, or to take in the International Street Performers Festival, this is the place that Edmontonians gather to soak up culture.