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  • LomoWall Antwerp Rumble

    written by mrmaart on 2012-04-13 #news
    LomoWall Antwerp Rumble

    The rumors are true and confirmed! A Lomography Gallery Store will be opening soon in Antwerp! Like with any other Lomography Gallery Store we kick off with an age old tradition: The LomoWall! We need to compile a huge stack of pictures so we can make one wall of epic proportions in this soon to be opening store. And with 'we' of course, we mean YOU!

  • LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #4

    written by fritssi on 2012-06-19 #news
    LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #4

    It's already starting to look like a real store, especially now that our LomoWall, featuring all your pretty Antwerp shots, is installed. Can't wait? It's almost Thursday and we are o so ready to open the doors and party till we drop!

  • LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #3

    written by mrmaart on 2012-06-15 #news
    LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #3

    And here’s #3 in the series - LGS Antwerp Under Construction. The rebuilding is progressing as planned and the Grand Opening Party is getting closer. In this post you will read the latest news from Antwerp about among others the Grand Opening Party!

  • LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #2

    written by fritssi on 2012-06-14 #news
    LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #2

    In the previous and first edition of this series we announced the big news officially - there will be a Lomography Gallery Store in Antwerp! But the question is, where exactly? That was up till now a secret. Are you ready for the revealing of the address?

  • Shoot With Your Dream Camera @ Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

    written by lgsamsterdam on 2012-01-06 #news
    Shoot With Your Dream Camera @ Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

    On this workshop, you get the unique chance to take the Lomography camera of your dreams to a test drive! Be it the ultra-sharp shooting LC-A+, the wide angle awesomeness of the LC-Wide, or maybe the fat squares of the Lubitel 166+, you get to pick the camera and get to push it to the limits!

  • Fotowereld, Utrecht

    written by desibel on 2014-03-26 #places
    Fotowereld, Utrecht

    The Nachtegaalstraat in Utrecht is perfect for both daily shopping, lunch rooms and specialty stores like Fotowereld. Here you can find a wide selection of Lomography cameras, film and a professional photo lab!

  • By Popular Demand, Amsterdam

    written by miss_madri on 2013-08-05 #places
    By Popular Demand, Amsterdam

    Looking for the perfect gift? In this design and gift store you'll surely find what you're looking for!

  • LGS Antwerp Under Construction - #5

    written by fritssi on 2012-06-21 #news #videos
    LGS Antwerp Under Construction - #5

    Time flies when you're having fun - it's true! It feels like yesterday when we signed the rental lease of the store. Tonight already is our Lomography Gallery Store Antwerp’s Grand Opening Party! This is the fifth and final blog post in the LGS Antwerp Under Construction series.