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  • Berlengas Island

    written by zulupt on 2009-10-24 #places
    Berlengas Island

    The Berlengas Island is located on the Atlantic Ocean at 11Km (seven miles) of the city of Peniche, Portugal. The Berlenga Island is a part of the Berlengas archipelago which is composed by a group of very small islands: Islet of Farilhões, Islets of Estrelas (stars), Islet of Forcadas and Berlengas Island. The Island is small: 1.5K (approximately one mile) by 800 meters (half a mile) by 85 meters high, you can visit the whole island in a day. The Island is made out of beautiful rose granite and in the spring and summer it is covered by beautiful flowers.

  • The Islands of Gothenburg Archipelago

    written by anarchy on 2009-09-13 #places
    The Islands of Gothenburg Archipelago

    Deep blue ocean water, smooth rocks and stunning nature awaits you in Göteborg's southern archipelago.

  • Lomographer for a Day: My Girlfriend

    written by spidey27 on 2013-04-25
    Lomographer for a Day: My Girlfriend

    My girlfriend went to Belitung islands in Sumatra, Indonesia, and I lent her my SuperSampler camera to accompany her. Let’s see what she captured!

  • Fårö Island, Gotland

    written by anarchy on 2009-01-20 #places
    Fårö Island, Gotland

    Fårö, spelled _Faroyna_ in 15th century Swedish, is a small (113 sq. km) island located just north-east of the larger island of Gotland. Until recently the island was a military protection area rigorously shielded from foreigners, but luckily that has changed now...

  • Fairy Tale Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

    written by tessaj on 2014-04-18 #places
    Fairy Tale Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

    The Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia has a very relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and great nature, which makes it a true fairy tale destination, straight out of your dreams.

  • Iles Lavezzi - Bonifacio - Corsica

    written by misskhali on 2009-01-26 #places
    Iles Lavezzi - Bonifacio - Corsica

    I'm half Corsican from my mother. From my birth to my 17 I've been spending my summers in Corsica. My family is based in the north bt I've visited almost the whole isle. Once we went to visit Bonifacio, at the extreme south. After wandering in the city, we took a small boat to go the the Lavezzi Islands, an archipelago situated at five kilometers from Bonifacio.