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  • Brazilian LomoAmigo: Meet the Professional Surfer Junior Faria

    2012-02-29 #videos #people
    Brazilian LomoAmigo: Meet the Professional Surfer Junior Faria

    From the city of Guarujá, Junior Faria is one typical professional surfer who spends most time of the year travelling around the world searching for perfect waves. One day he starts to shoot and register the places and the people he met along the way using an analogue cameras. Let's talk to him and get to know a little bit more about this world-class pro surfer and see some of his pictures.

  • Praia da Torre (Carcavelos, Portugal)

    written by trincheiras on 2009-03-17 #places
    Praia da Torre (Carcavelos, Portugal)

    One of my favorite places for after hours once I leave the Clubs at 8am is located outside Lisbon, a small beach called Praia Da Torre, due to the fortress that surrounds her.

  • Marcos Sifú Experiments With the La Sardina

    written by lgs_rio on 2012-09-05 #videos #people
    Marcos Sifú Experiments With the La Sardina

    Marcus Menezes, A.K.A Sifú, is one of the most prominent Brazilian surfers when it comes to innovative maneuvers. Since creativity is present in your DNA, he ends up expressing himself in other areas as well, one of which is photography. Sifú is a hands-on photographer who is always searching, testing and inventing new possibilities with analog cameras. We gave him a La Sardina few months ago and now you can see in this interview a bit more about this partnership that yielded great pictures and laughs. Read on...

  • Praia das Pedrinhas - The Love Spot

    written by -alia- on 2011-02-15 #places
    Praia das Pedrinhas - The Love Spot

    There’s a place in your imagination where you feel completely free. A place where the love is in the sounds, the colours and the textures. There you forget everything, only love is in your thoughts. I found that place but don't tell anyone: it's a secret.

  • Praia D’el Rey, Portugal

    written by electricsick on 2011-04-08 #places
    Praia D’el Rey, Portugal

    The name means “The King’s Beach”, but it’s more than just a beach. It has luxury villas, hotels, and of course, a beautiful beach.

  • Praia de Icaraí, Niterói, RJ

    written by raissuli on 2010-08-02 #places
    Praia de Icaraí, Niterói, RJ

    Located at the most known neighborhood of Niterói, Itacaraí's beach, is one of the pride of the city's people. After all, it is the city's biggest playground. The sidewalks are always full of people walking, running, riding bicycles, or simply going somewhere taking a "short cut" by the beach.