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  • Leaf Skeleton Pictures

    written by jcasserino on 2011-09-12 #gear #tutorials
    Leaf Skeleton Pictures

    I love photography and I also love hiking. I was looking for a new creative thing to do with my Lomography projects so while hiking, I realized the answer was right under my feet. I decided to experiment by making different Leaf Skeleton Masks for my LC-Wide.

  • Capturing Autumn Silhouettes

    written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2012-10-23 #gear #tutorials
    Capturing Autumn Silhouettes

    One of my favourite techniques, no matter the subject matter, is creating silhouettes. Some of my favourite fall photos were taken as silhouettes and I will share with you how I created them so hopefully you will be able to create some for yourself this season!

  • Autumn Leaves all Around, Autumn Leaves on the Ground!

    written by lighttomysoul on 2011-09-30
    Autumn Leaves all Around, Autumn Leaves on the Ground!

    Autumn. I only like it for a very short time; before the yellow leaves turn brown and mushy on the ground, before the daylight disappears completely. When you go outside and the sun is shining; the air is crisp and you walk just a little bit quicker than on a summer day.