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  • Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia

    written by jibamz on 2009-09-19 #places
    Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia

    Melaka is located on the Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the Straits of Melaka, about 147 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and 245 kilometers from Singapore. Melaka is actually found sandwiched between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johor. Excellent roads from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can reach it. Internally it is serviced by a very good network of roads leading to all the historical places of interest.

  • Fort Vredeburg

    written by adi_totp on 2010-01-29 #places
    Fort Vredeburg

    Fort Vredeburg is a fortress built by the Dutch in Yogyakarta during Colonial times. It is located in front of Gedung Agung, one of seven presidential palaces in Indonesia and the Sultan Palace called Kraton. It was built in 1765 to protect the Dutch governor. It is surrounded by a trench that is still visible.

  • Songzanlin Monastery

    written by saviorjosh on 2008-04-27 #places
    Songzanlin Monastery

    Located in the north-western part of Yunnan Province, Shangri-La, formerly known as Zhongdian, is actually an ugly town. I refuse to call it Shangri-La after I visited it.