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  • Tulips Land

    written by -alia- on 2011-05-03 #places
    Tulips Land

    Together with the windmills, tulips fields are the most famous landscape in the Netherlands. In 1593, the first tulip was placed in Dutch soil and since then the country has been in multi-coloured bloom.

  • Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2012-10-11 #gear #tutorials
    Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler

    Now that you've decided to plan your next adventure, you are probably thinking how you can pack all your favorite films, cameras, and accessories. I come to the rescue with some rather basic packing tips that could be helpful, whether you're a novice or pro analogue traveler!

  • Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific

    written by vicuna on 2010-12-02 #places
    Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific

    Bora Bora...a name which evokes a place that is already close to being considered as "paradise". I actually had the chance to go there for a week; sailing in one of the world's most beautiful lagoons, enjoying the marvelous views, and of course, taking lots of pictures.

  • Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge Visit

    written by izzarosli on 2011-06-01 #places
    Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge Visit

    The highest double-decker skybridge in the world. Here are some tips to guide you.

  • The Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Ever Seen

    written by roland on 2010-11-22 #places
    The Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Ever Seen

    Wharariki Beach in Golden Bay is really worth a visit if you're headed to New Zealand. It's surprisingly not well-known to tourists in spite of the amazing views that you can find there - and adorable little seals! I've been there a bunch of times but it never ceases to enchant me.

  • Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    written by eva_eva on 2011-05-25 #news
    Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    Hello analogue freaks from Malaysia! Did you go anywhere this summer? Did you pay a visit to the wonderful beach near the East Coast yet? What about some heritage places at Malacca? Have you been to the countryside and had a Lomo-relaxing-walk with your loves one? Or maybe participated in any of the happening events, festivals, or concerts in Malaysia for the past few months?

  • Transport for London

    written by neja on 2011-04-13 #places
    Transport for London

    A quick guide on how to move around London.

  • Magic Doubtful Sound: Is this Norway or New Zealand?

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-12 #places
    Magic Doubtful Sound: Is this Norway or New Zealand?

    Exploring the beauty of a Fjord...I thought that this was only possible in Norway but in fact, you can explore the surprising Fjordland in southwestern New Zealand! We went to the Doubtful Sound and despite it's name, there's no doubt that it's one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.

  • Sushi Breakfast?

    written by horaciorv on 2010-11-07 #places
    Sushi Breakfast?

    What would you think if you are invited to eat sushi for breakfast? Even if you are a sushi lover it could be weird, right? Eat raw fish at 8:00 a.m. could be kind of mmmm … But what about if the invitation is for to eat sushi in Tsukiji fish Market in Tokyo City! Cool, isn’t it?

  • Lisbon

    written by amanda_vox on 2010-10-17 #places

    The city of the seven hills, here in Lisbon you´re more often than not going up or down one of them. But the hills give us more than strong legs, the ´miradouros´ (places to sit back and enjoy the view) are everywhere and are the perfect spot to admire the charming town at any time of the day, or night!

  • Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    written by neja on 2011-03-23 #places
    Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    Making double exposures in Chelsea. I don't like pigeons myself. Well, not unless they are Chelsea pigeons. In Chelsea, everything is different, kind of like having a Midas touch.

  • Warm Sauna and Icy Swim: the Scandinavian Way

    written by worried_shoes on 2011-03-15 #places
    Warm Sauna and Icy Swim: the Scandinavian Way

    If you ever find yourself in Malmö, Sweden in the midst of winter, don't be disheartened, the burning sauna and a refreshing ice swim can instantly bring any hibernating state to a closure. In times like these, the cold Swedish winter seems never ending. There is a perfect way to fool yourself that you are sunbathing in a hot summer day, just to jolt your body right back, by taking a dip in the freezing ocean.

  • Moeraki Boulders: Are These Alien Eggs?

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-06 #places
    Moeraki Boulders: Are These Alien Eggs?

    The Moeraki Boulders are one of the strangest geological stone formations I ever saw. It looks almost like some aliens landed on a beach and left behind some of their eggs to prepare for a future invasion of the earth. Is this the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"???

  • LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2011-10-18 #news
    LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    We are looking for locations in Pahang, Malaysia - our third largest state in the country! We have the highlands, the rainforest, and the coastal areas all in one state! Nevertheless, Pahang would always be one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia!

  • LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2012-03-08 #news
    LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    Sabah and Sarawak are two of the largest Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Besides being the vastest states in the country, Sabah and Sarawak are very much different from other states in Peninsular Malaysia, especially in culture, religion, attractions and even food! There are many interesting experiences to indulge in and we want you to share your stories!

  • Hot chocolate...from Spain

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-12-20 #places
    Hot chocolate...from Spain

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, there's so many things that we can actually talk about this delicious dessert but for Christmastime let's focus on one of our favorite ways of enjoying it - hot chocolate. I gathered some images taken in Spain which best showcase this popular holiday drink.

  • The Sky Tower of Auckland

    written by vicuna on 2010-12-15 #places
    The Sky Tower of Auckland

    One of the main attractions in Auckland (New Zealand's biggest city) is the Sky Tower. The Sky Tower allows you to have amazing panoramic views over the whole city and is as well a great photographic subject to shoot from outside.

  • Getting Stoked in San Juan La Union

    written by ak47lomogurl on 2010-08-19 #places
    Getting Stoked in San Juan La Union

    The hot sun and sand, the cool water and awesome consistent waves of San Juan, La Union is my favorite destination in the whole of Luzon! Even if it is 5 hours away from my home in Manila, Philippines, I would gladly leave at 1AM to catch waves early in the morning and then leave after dinner to get enough sleep before work the next day! (OK, so I’ll probably have someone else drive)

  • Street Art City - Melbourne

    written by artpunk on 2011-02-23 #places
    Street Art City - Melbourne

    Enjoyed 'Exit Through The Gift Shop'? Love yourself a bit of street-art? Stencils? Groovy graphically excellent graffiti? A veritable smorgasbord of street art awaits the discerning visitor to Melbourne, especially in Hosier Lane, but there are many other sweet street-art spots. Listen to me and I will give you some tips.

  • NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    written by -alia- on 2011-01-09 #places
    NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    NDSM is a former shipyard in north Amsterdam and is the center for alternative culture these days. This vast area of 84,000 m2 makes up the NDSM Hall, workshops and artistic studios along with two big dimension cranes and two huge ship slipways.

  • Please Mind the Gap

    written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2011-02-09 #places
    Please Mind the Gap

    If you have ever been to London, you've been on the underground - if you knew what was good for you. If you were in London for any amount of time you would have learnt that loading up an Oyster Card was the way to go. If you were a roaming Lomographer you would have seen the beauty in riding the sardine can carriages and the scenes that played out on the platforms.

  • Dunedin, the Most Scottish Town in New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-07 #places
    Dunedin, the Most Scottish Town in New Zealand

    Dunedin is one of the biggest cities in the south island of New Zealand and has a very Scottish identity. Through words - and of course, lots of analogue photographs, let me show you some of the main points of interest in this city!

  • Utrecht Urbex: The Cereol Factory

    written by marije on 2011-06-02 #places
    Utrecht Urbex: The Cereol Factory

    Looking for an easily accessible urban exploration location? Look no further than Utrecht's Cereol Factory.

  • Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-23 #places
    Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

    Finally, here we are at Wellington! This was our last stop in New Zealand, and is the capital of this country. Even if it's not the biggest city of the country, it's the political capital and also known as the heart of the cultural and artistic life of New Zealand

  • San Francisco: Where Little Cable Cars Climb Halfway to the Stars

    written by shadrack1 on 2011-01-19 #places
    San Francisco: Where Little Cable Cars Climb Halfway to the Stars

    If I could live anywhere, I would live in San Francisco. The city has everything a tourist could ever want all packed into 49 square miles. A trip to San Francisco during the Christmas break was the perfect way to cap off the year.

  • Road 99: the Southern Scenic Road of New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-09 #places
    Road 99: the Southern Scenic Road of New Zealand

    The Southern Scenic Road or Road 99 is the southernmost road you can take in New Zealand. The landscapes are absolutely stunning and you'll reach the most southern point of this country. In front of you is nothing more than the wide sea and far, far away is the south pole.

  • Mt. Eden Park, Auckland

    written by vicuna on 2010-12-19 #places
    Mt. Eden Park, Auckland

    Mt. Eden Park in Auckland is made from an impressive former volcano crater and offers a great view over the whole area. It's perfectly safe to visit as it's already a dormant volcano - you can either enjoy a nice walk uphill or take a car if you're being lazy but once you get to the top, you'll quickly realize that all the effort is well worth it.

  • Concierge Recommends: Macau

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-11 #places
    Concierge Recommends: Macau

    In each hotel there will always be a trusty concierge that knows about almost everything there is to know about the country. Since this is my profession, here's my take on things to do in Macau. Listen up as I give you the full scoop!

  • Shantytown: Back in the Goldmining Past of New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-14 #places
    Shantytown: Back in the Goldmining Past of New Zealand

    The Greymouth area on the west coast of New Zealand doesn't have a lot to offer but there's one spot that's worth a visit. It's called Shantytown, and is the reconstitution of a XIX century goldmining village. Come and have a little travel back in time!

  • Gnome Hunting in Utrecht

    written by marije on 2011-06-06 #places
    Gnome Hunting in Utrecht

    One of my favourite things to do when I have some time to kill is going gnome hunting. Weapon of choice? My Holga 135 BC. Gnome hunting, you ask? Why yes. Graffiti gnomes, that is.