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  • Rotherhithe: My London Neighborhood

    written by alehopgm on 2011-02-01 #places
    Rotherhithe: My London Neighborhood

    This is my neighborhood! My girlfriend and I arrived in London four months ago, on October 2010. After one week looking for a room, we eventually found one in a very cute house at Rotherhithe in south east London. It looked like a nice neighborhood to live in, with a huge park, a leisure center, a shopping center, and very close to the Underground stations.

  • Dutch Record Stores - #4 Flesch Records, Amsterdam

    written by heinisfein on 2011-07-22 #places
    Dutch Record Stores - #4 Flesch Records, Amsterdam

    Flesch Records is the fourth store I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series. As the owner Harry didn’t have time to discuss his shop, I had to draw mostly from my own experiences.