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  • Tulips Land

    written by -alia- on 2011-05-03 #places
    Tulips Land

    Together with the windmills, tulips fields are the most famous landscape in the Netherlands. In 1593, the first tulip was placed in Dutch soil and since then the country has been in multi-coloured bloom.

  • Panelomo’s Lomographic Journey - Goodbye Singapore, Hello Abu Dhabi

    written by panelomo on 2010-09-20 #places
    Panelomo’s Lomographic Journey - Goodbye Singapore, Hello Abu Dhabi

    Inspired by stouf’s Goodbye Quebec post, here’s my story of an unforgettable end and a start of another lomographic journey. I arrived in Singapore last summer of 2001, coming from my hometown in Manila, Philippines. Judging from my profession, Singapore is truly an architect’s playground.

  • Beijing Wangfujing - Taste the Fear Factor!

    written by phiphu on 2010-07-26 #places
    Beijing Wangfujing - Taste the Fear Factor!

    Wangfujing Street is famous not only for shopping, but also for its snacks. You can taste exotic weird eat items like scorpions, starfish, centipedes, beetles, silkworms, baby sharks all deep fried on a stick.

  • Hello, welcome to Saigon!

    written by mimjamil on 2010-09-08 #places
    Hello, welcome to Saigon!

    Have you ever wondered what is going on at Vietnam? How it looks like? How busy are the streets? What do they do for a living? This is a brief story from my short trip to Vietnam with my family.

  • i-City Loves Analogue!

    written by amirulshahrom on 2010-12-22 #places
    i-City Loves Analogue!

    We all know that film needs light to produce a perfect photograph which is why daytime offers the perfect opportunity to take photographs with your analog camera. But what do you do if you want to take photos during nighttime? How will you be able to work around the low light situation? Well if you happen to swing by Malaysia, i-City in Shah Alam definitely gives you all the light that you need to make stunning photographs.

  • Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    written by eva_eva on 2011-05-25 #news
    Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    Hello analogue freaks from Malaysia! Did you go anywhere this summer? Did you pay a visit to the wonderful beach near the East Coast yet? What about some heritage places at Malacca? Have you been to the countryside and had a Lomo-relaxing-walk with your loves one? Or maybe participated in any of the happening events, festivals, or concerts in Malaysia for the past few months?

  • One Month Walking Around in San Francisco

    written by purple_snow on 2011-01-15 #places
    One Month Walking Around in San Francisco

    A one-month walking tour through the beautiful and interesting city of San Francisco, aching feet included but a lot of unforgettable memories and my favorite analogue photographs from my Diana F+ and L-CA lomography cameras.

  • Squirrel Attack at St. James Park

    written by spoeker on 2011-03-02 #places
    Squirrel Attack at St. James Park

    You have been warned - it's the attack of the squirrels! You are just walking around, enjoying the park, the sun and the trees. Innocently enjoying yourself, maybe even having a snack...

  • When Lomo Went to the Seaside

    written by veato on 2011-02-03 #places
    When Lomo Went to the Seaside

    I visited Blackpool after an absence of thirteen years but this time went armed with a Vivi and a roll of E-6. Not only that but this was to be my first experience with lo-fi photography after spending the last few years in a digital only world. It was certainly an eye opener!

  • Šibenik, a Town Set in Stone

    written by marinam on 2011-01-20 #places
    Šibenik, a Town Set in Stone

    I dare you to go get a map of Europe and try find my hometown on it. Find Italy and its Adriatic coast. Now, go to the opposite coast and you will find the most beautiful region of Croatia - Dalmatia! Šibenik, my hometown, is situated right there! Welcome!

  • LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2011-10-18 #news
    LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    We are looking for locations in Pahang, Malaysia - our third largest state in the country! We have the highlands, the rainforest, and the coastal areas all in one state! Nevertheless, Pahang would always be one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia!

  • Xpro Tofu

    written by kuryzu on 2011-06-18 #places
    Xpro Tofu

    Tofu or bean curd is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. It is of Chinese origin, and it is also a part of East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and others.

  • Where the Lomo LC-A Was Born

    written by nural on 2010-10-24 #places
    Where the Lomo LC-A Was Born

    St Petersburg was not on my "Top Vacation Destinations" list even 6 months ago, but meeting a few Lomographers from Russia changed all that!

  • LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2012-03-08 #news
    LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    Sabah and Sarawak are two of the largest Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Besides being the vastest states in the country, Sabah and Sarawak are very much different from other states in Peninsular Malaysia, especially in culture, religion, attractions and even food! There are many interesting experiences to indulge in and we want you to share your stories!

  • Plompetorengracht in Utrecht

    written by mephisto19 on 2010-11-19 #places
    Plompetorengracht in Utrecht

    Just a gracht like any other - or an unassuming place to take amazing photographs? No matter how many times I pass by this place, it never ceases to inspire me to take at least a photograph or two with whatever film camera I have with me that day. Here's my collection of photographs from one of my favorite spots in the city.

  • Ordinary Story (Rybinsk, Russian Federation)

    written by ne_fryakai on 2011-03-19 #places
    Ordinary Story (Rybinsk, Russian Federation)

    Provincial, rather small, mossy, conservative, boring, industrial, partly-Soviet, unattractive but I come back here every time, here, I always feel at home. I love it!

  • On Our Way to THE Bridge

    written by petranovskaja on 2011-01-08 #places
    On Our Way to THE Bridge

    Everyone who goes to San Francisco is going to see this bridge as evidenced by the millions of pictures that have been made of this location. But no one actually shows what you will see on the way there. Take your camera, take your film, keep you eyes - and your heart open, and go there!

  • Berlin, the City I Live In

    written by mel_oklap on 2010-11-24 #places
    Berlin, the City I Live In

    It was in 2007 when I first came to Berlin and it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, I was only there for a 10-day vacation. Still, memories of that trip never failed to excite me even as I wandered around in my old hometown. As fate would have it, a year later, I met the love of my life, who, coincidentally, was living in Berlin! So I made the big leap - I got married and moved to Berlin! And to this day, that still holds the top spot as the best decision I've ever made!

  • Abandoned Pea Peeling Factory, Slowly Falling Apart

    written by pulex on 2010-10-25 #places
    Abandoned Pea Peeling Factory, Slowly Falling Apart

    In the city I work in, there is an old abandoned pea peeling factory. It used to be a place for artists and musicians to perform, but since it's falling apart, nobody is using the rooms in there anymore. I often drive by and I wanted to go in there!

  • National University of Singapore, Singapore

    written by fionalql on 2011-02-05 #places
    National University of Singapore, Singapore

    A place where the buildings are a mish-mash of the old and the new, the many interesting nooks and corners that I've discovered over the four years I've been there has made it a place I've come to grow fond of.

  • Rediscovering the Places (we thought) We Knew!

    written by awesomesther on 2011-01-16 #places
    Rediscovering the Places (we thought) We Knew!

    If you ask any Singaporean, the most likely response you will get is "Singapore is too small, too boring. There isn't anywhere to go anymore!" I used to think so too until I decided to look at the small things through my analogue cameras and rediscover some of the things just "hiding" from plain sight.

  • Edinburgh, My Home for Now

    written by baijiu89 on 2011-04-09 #places
    Edinburgh, My Home for Now

    Edinburgh is the place I call home for the time being. It is a lovely student and travel location. It is a place that I have a love-and-hate relationship with as I associate it with both studying and entertainment.

  • Fisheyed Zombies at Your Local Halloween Store

    written by gnarlyleech on 2010-10-13 #places
    Fisheyed Zombies at Your Local Halloween Store

    Where is the best place to get halloween junk? The halloween store, of course. PIck up your lomography camera and lets go right now. I don't know if they allow cameras into the store but I brought one anyway. Usually there are so many people shopping that the managers don't even notice you.

  • A Different City, a Lomographed City in Athens

    written by dimitrul on 2010-10-14 #places
    A Different City, a Lomographed City in Athens

    Everything is different through a Lomo. In February something magical happened, something that changed my perception of things. My initiation into Lomography. And, like many of you, it was my friend's fault...

  • The European City in the States

    written by crojasvives on 2011-02-02 #places
    The European City in the States

    Everybody should remember their first time…I do. I was on a road trip with my whole family, discovering California. I´m not able to remember every detail from that amazing trip, but what I do remember is the feeling that I had when I first saw San Francisco. Those hills, Victorian houses, cable cars, the majestic Golden Gate. From that very first moment, that city became the city of my dreams. Who knew that 15 years later I would be just an hour away from my dream city?

  • Nyhavn: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Denmark

    written by elfefee on 2011-05-16 #places
    Nyhavn: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Denmark

    Nyhavn, located at the end of Copenhagen's long pedestrian area, is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

  • The Canadian Golden Triangle: Toronto – Burlington – Niagara Falls

    written by stouf on 2010-11-08 #places
    The Canadian Golden Triangle: Toronto – Burlington – Niagara Falls

    This is probably my last Canadian location. You can get here three spots for the price of one, separated by a two-hour triangular drive. Let me share my trip to the Canadian Golden Triangle.

  • Chicago vs. Lake Michigan

    written by dirklancer on 2010-08-24 #places
    Chicago vs. Lake Michigan

    It seemed like a good morning for a walk on the long uninterrupted waterfront here in windy Chicago. The cold spray was unanticipated, but the feeling that we came away with after sharing the moving, wet expanse was definitely worth it.

  • Gnome Hunting in Utrecht

    written by marije on 2011-06-06 #places
    Gnome Hunting in Utrecht

    One of my favourite things to do when I have some time to kill is going gnome hunting. Weapon of choice? My Holga 135 BC. Gnome hunting, you ask? Why yes. Graffiti gnomes, that is.

  • The Aqualuna

    written by paperplanepilot on 2011-05-09 #places
    The Aqualuna

    I sincerely apologize for this article. Neither words nor pictures could suffice in showing the beauty of this moment; the moment I fell in love.