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  • KODAK Instamatic 25

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-12-28 #gear
    KODAK Instamatic 25

    My first camera. It was July 25, 1977 …: it seems that it was yesterday! This day I receive my first camera. It was ugly, quite ugly, and it was using a cartridge with the movie. I believe (believe no: I´m sure) that in the first spool that I used with this camera, there was not even only one photo that was not going out blurred:!! In this way everything began …

  • Werlisa Club Color: a typical spanish "simple & cheap" camera.

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-11-06 #gear
    Werlisa Club Color: a typical spanish "simple & cheap" camera.

    This is a cheap camera, from the 70´s & 80´s when in Spain was having a lot of "little" changes. It is a camera with focus free, and 3 positions for its speed. You must charge the film, pass this one and … shoot !!!

  • Looking For 100% Analogue Cameras

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-03-28 #news
    Looking For 100% Analogue Cameras

    Once upon a time, I was living in a little town in Spain, with my parents. I liked so much photography, and I have a little camera for it too.

  • Hot chocolate...from Spain

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-12-20 #places
    Hot chocolate...from Spain

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, there's so many things that we can actually talk about this delicious dessert but for Christmastime let's focus on one of our favorite ways of enjoying it - hot chocolate. I gathered some images taken in Spain which best showcase this popular holiday drink.

  • The KODAK Disc 4000: The Future in the Past!

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-12-02 #gear
    The KODAK Disc 4000: The Future in the Past!

    Welcome to the new era in photography! With your new KODAK Disc 4000 camera, taking pictures is as simple as load, aim and shoot.

  • MINOLTA X-300: A Strong Reflex

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-07-03 #gear
    MINOLTA X-300: A Strong Reflex

    What can I say when I must talk about the camera wished for years? I can say that I take photos from 1977. Until 1983, perhaps of punctual and sporadic form, but from this moment, photography turned into a love for me. At this time, I began using a SLR, but it was not mine, so I started looking for one. It came from 1990, and it was a Minolta X-300, a second-hand one.

  • Markets and Flea Markets in London.

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-03-22 #places
    Markets and Flea Markets in London.

    The understood men says that to overcome this crisis into which we have got, one of the first things that we have to do is to encourage the consumption …: To spend! All to spend! And then I always think in the better place in the world: the markets and flea markets of London. London has a heap of place where to go and to buy things …: must be the anticrisis city!

  • Dalí in London

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-02-17 #places
    Dalí in London

    It´s very nice, when you travel, to meet someone of your ground! Also, in this case, it is not necessary to look into hidden museums: Not at all!, We meet it in the street, on the foot of the river Thames, in format XXXL …

  • The Tower of Hercules (La Coruña – Spain)

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-10-28 #places
    The Tower of Hercules (La Coruña – Spain)

    Wohhh !!! It is almost 1900 years old, and is the oldest Roman lighthouse still used !!! And you can see it FOR FREE !!!!

  • Pergamon Museum

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-01-19 #places
    Pergamon Museum

    The Pergamon Museum was built between 1910 and 1930. From 1901 to 1909, a smaller building had occupied the same spot. Dates, dates, dates … You can find a beautiful (and big) building, the surprise is inside …

  • As Fonte Beach Vigo Spain

    written by jaalvarez on 2011-02-07 #places
    As Fonte Beach Vigo Spain

    All the places in the world have history and all sorts of stories to count to its neverending list of memories. There are those that are happy, yet, we always seem to remember the sad stories better.

  • Royal Parks, London

    written by jaalvarez on 2011-03-16 #places
    Royal Parks, London

    When you are in the middle of a noisy street, among the people, the traffic, noises, smells...everything seems to be overwhelming! To help you get away from it all, I'm sure that with just a short walk you can easily reach one of London's Royal Parks: Regent's Park, Hyde Park, St. James Park - simply choose one and enjoy!

  • Casa Mar – Palacio de Congresos, Vigo (Spain)

    written by jaalvarez on 2011-02-10 #places
    Casa Mar – Palacio de Congresos, Vigo (Spain)

    We can say that this is a "live" location. In the 50s there were facilities for one of the great fishing companies in the world. Its installations were turned into a big abandoned building 20 years ago. Once thrown below the old building, it has eventually become the "Conference hall" of the city of Vigo.

  • SEDOV, A Classic from Murmansk (Russia)

    written by jaalvarez on 2011-02-12 #places
    SEDOV, A Classic from Murmansk (Russia)

    “The biggest clipper constructed in the 20th Century”. With these resounding words appears one of the most elegant sailing ships that had furrowed the Ría de Vigo.

  • Cabo Silleiro Lighthouse

    written by jaalvarez on 2010-01-03 #places
    Cabo Silleiro Lighthouse

    The lighthouse is placed to 42º 06 ´3 north latitude and 08º 53´ 8 longitude west, to a 30 meters height on the area and 85 meters over the sea level. A white light meets in groups of 2+1 twinkles every 15 seconds on a scope of 35 nautical miles.

  • Milenio Bridge (Ourense)

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-10-04 #places
    Milenio Bridge (Ourense)

    Since the Romans constructed the first bridge on the river Miño in Ourense, it has been taken nearly 2000 years in constructing other of similar impact and of good conference on the city, the river Miño and its surroundings.

  • Vigo to everyone !! Spain

    written by jaalvarez on 2008-11-23 #places
    Vigo to everyone !! Spain

    Vigo is the biggest town in the Northwest of Spain. Whooo!!! There are a lot of peculiar things in our town: Boats, graffiti, Commercial areas, rubbish, misery, happiness, parties, ducks in the gardens, big squares, little ones, … I think that you can meet all you need (more or less …)