First films in Pentacon Six

So for christmas I got new #Pentacon Six. It has been camera i always wanted to have in my collection, especially after my Lubitel was stolen last summer, so i didn't have any reliable #medium format camera (well except good old Diana, but she's more for fun and experiments). Camera looks really good its in a good shape, the #Biometar lens is awesome, its really sharp, has a great bokeh and the depth of field when shooting at f2.8 is really just a few inches. However the camera has faulty film advance mechanism, so the frames are overlaping. As I found out later, it's quite common problem of Pentacon Six cameras. Maybe you have the same experience? Anyway I will have to bring my new camera to service and hope for the best. So wish me luck. It would be such a pitty to let it just catch a dust somwhere on a shelf.

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