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  • The Camberwell Gumwall

    written by filby on 2010-10-16 #places
    The Camberwell Gumwall

    Is it Art? Is it Vandalism? Opinions are divided on the Camberwell Gumwall. What do you do with your chewing gum when it has lost it's flavor? In the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell is a wall that answers this question, or at least it does for the youth of the area!

  • Ruskin Park Denmark Hill SE5

    written by kylewis on 2011-04-22 #places
    Ruskin Park Denmark Hill SE5

    Ruskin Park is an open space set between three very densely populated areas in South London. It is an award-winning Edwardian park with many different features. A perfect place to escape on a Sunday afternoon with your partner and have a picnic in the ornamental gardens.