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  • The Artists Behind the Pillars

    written by meerly on 2011-12-29
    The Artists Behind the Pillars

    You visited Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. You saw the quirky camera characters on the pillars at the walkway. They are dancing with joy, looking at you with a smile. You thought that is part of our design plan? It was actually a spontaneous artistic approach by our local budding illustrator Hanzhi and 1G!

  • The Pompey's Pillar (Alexandria)

    written by weechonghooi on 2008-10-04 #places
    The Pompey's Pillar (Alexandria)

    The very first site visiting I touched down during my arrival in Egypt was this... The Pompey's Pillar. Or some people would prefer the so-called column of Pompeius, it depends on which one you would prefer to read.